Anyone else love good, low poly art?

I love looking at this game in HD. I would buy a HD rerelease on PC without the pop-in. The game could easily draw the entire world on any modern machine so taking out the pop-in and making it 1080p would be amazing. I wish I'd owned this on PS2 back in the day.

I own the original Saturn version as well as the Genesis version.
Yeah, me too. I wish I had a PC that could run a PS2 emulator with it in HD. They really should re-release this game without the pop-in and in 1080p@60fps.

That looks pretty amazing still.
I know! The PS2 version is slightly upgraded though; the wheels are a higher poly rate and the game runs 60fps. The actual arcade version ran at 30fps, even though 60 was fairly standard for most Sega arcade racers like OutRun, Daytona USA, Sega Rally etc.
Apr 19, 2005
fucking love angular low poly flatshaded stuff. one of my most favourite things. a lot of this on amiga.

like elite 2 frontier, hunter, midwinter etc

b17 flying fortress
carrier command
a nice elite 2 frontier video was posted earlier in the thread
populous.. kind of, almost
stunt car racer

Sky Rogue is something everyone should be up on:

yeah, fucking love this. I'd be okay if every game had this art style
Jul 8, 2011
Titusville, Florida
Man, I love good, low poly art. More powerful PC's and consoles make simple art styles really pop (great lighting models and ultra sharp IQ makes a world of difference from the PSX days...where everything was ugly)

Anyone else wish there were more adventure games with low poly art? I want to make a huge, open world Skyrim-esque action RPG with these fucking graphics:

Who's with me?
I'm with you. It's funny, back in the PS1/N64 days, I really despised 3d games because I thought they looked terrible. Years later I realise it wasn't the polygonal games I hated, it was the IQ. Everything was jaggy and shimmery and looked horrible but today I look at those games with tons of AA running great and it looks awesome. I especially remember the first time I saw Mario 64 running in an emulator with a ton of AA and it looked so great.

I could certainly stand to see more games using art like you posted.
Jul 25, 2011
Artstyle really triumphs any hardware limitations.

This game is ageless.
I would say that in the case of Homeworld, hardware limitations informed the art style. Many designers tried to force complicated designs into low poly counts, but it's obvious that Homeworld ships were designed to work within that limited technical palette and make the most of it. Great design is timeless.
May 27, 2013
Bumping as this flew into my radar: else Heart.Break() (Trailer)

It's a part point-and-click, part town life sim made by a small Swedish indie team with an almost paper craft-looking lo-poly style that reminds me somewhat of the Dreamcast and early Animal Crossing. See the tumblr dev blog here for various gameplay clips and screenshots. Set for release sometime in 2015.

The dialog could be much improved, but from a visual standpoint it's winning me over. They're also calling on any devs who want to create mini arcade games for the various bars in the town.
Jun 5, 2013
Sorry for the necro bump, but I don't think I should clutter up the forum with another thread about low poly stuff... I just saw that Mega Man Legends is on sale right now and it just brought back a ton of fond memories. Back in the day, we used to wonder what games would look like in ten years and now I want more games that look like MML.

YIIK: A Postmodern RPG

Devil Daggers

I love how one is so clean and the other is gritty. Would it be worth learning how to model/texture as a hobby just to do low poly stuff? If so, what program(s) would you recommend?
Apr 26, 2014
Bound in PSVR has absolutely mind-blowing low poly art. It really needs to be seen in PSVR to be appreciated fully though:

Although I'm not a big fan of the game itself, the presence of the headset makes the graphics just about the most impressive I've ever seen.