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Are you excited for Chained Echoes?

Are you hyped for Chained Echoes?

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German Hops

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Recently, Chained Echoes successfully completed its Kickstarter campaign, and is now set to release in Q4 2022!
The game is an interesting homage to JRPGs from the SNES and PSX era, such as the Final Fantasy series, Chrono Trigger, and Xenogears. For more information on the game check out its Kickstarter page here -

Chained Echoes

They will support Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 consoles in addition to Windows/Mac/Linux PC support!

Take up your sword, channel your magic or board your Mech. Chained Echoes is a 16-bit SNES style RPG set in a fantasy world where dragons are as common as piloted mechanical suits. Follow a group of heroes as they explore a land filled to the brim with charming characters, fantastic landscapes and vicious foes. Can you bring peace to a continent where war has been waged for generations and betrayal lurks around every corner?

Chained Echoes is a story-driven game where a group of heroes travel around the vast continent of Valandis to bring an end to the war between its three kingdoms. In the course of their journey, they will travel through a wide array of diverse landscapes spanning from wind-tanned plateaus and exotic archipelagos to sunken cities and forgotten dungeons.

Key Features:​

  • 40 - 50 hours of play time
  • Fast paced turn-based battles
  • No random encounters; enemies can be seen running around
  • Tons of items to be looted, stolen or crafted
  • Complex skill and equipment system
  • Customize your own airship
  • Travel and fight by foot or in your Mech
  • 16-bit SNES style graphics
  • Music inspired by PSX RPGs
  • Surprised
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It's kinda pretty, but I can't stand games that look like they're made with RPGmaker.


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Animated GIF


I was interested in it.
But I tried the limited demo they had on GOG like a year ago and didn't really like it.

Battles felt very slow (even random enemies seemed to have a lot of HP) and even though they were eager to promote having no random encounters I still felt like they forced you into battle way too often. No random encounters doesn't do much if you are going to put unskippable enemies in my path every 2 minutes.

But then again that was only a demo and it was like a year ago so I'm sure things have changed. Won't pick this up at launch but I'll keep an eye out for user reviews.

It's an rpgmaker game.

Wait really? It looks way nicer than any other RPG maker game I've seen


I'm just very bored with the whole pixel look. How about something slightly more interesting than top down views, yeah?

I wait for the day when the pre rendered backgrounds of the ps era become the inspiration.



Not a fan of the main carachter sprites(as they all seem very generic) but everything else seems awesome.

I'll wait for reviews obviously, but this seems very promissing.
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