Ask any minority - They'll tell you the white man is the devil

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Jan 7, 2018
Look at the situation from a general perspective, I'm not talking about you and your sensitive cracker ass exclusively as the purveyor of all ills, and whitey has literally and figuratively buttfucked every group of darkies the world over in order to either help themselves to their natural resources or just because it was Tuesday.

China - Lets get them Chinks hooked on opium so we can stack mad chips
Japan - Dropped a bomb on them slants and blew the masculinity out of an entire race that has them drawing Hello Kitty and shit
India - I know lets create an imaginary divide to make these future tech supporters fight each other as we create our own little fiefdom
Africa - Look, Carruthers, look! We don't even have to paint them black because its our god given right to have Bensons!
America - Heres some smallpox dipped blankets and $24 for Manhattan, enjoy the cirrhosis chief!
South America - Behold! Your white savior has returned and will win your hearts, cut them out and mail them home along with your gold
Australia - Them darkies aren't human beings, why they're just flora and fauna to entertain the convicts

And so on and so forth, these chalkieboys ain't subtle with their techniques and they're all well documented as thats how empires are built.

You may not like how I said it but tell me I'm wrong?

Not open for further replies.