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Being male or overweight can lead to more serious COVID-19 hospital admissions


Yeah I made a thread about this link a few days ago. It's the elephant in the room no one wants to talk about, pun absolutely intended.


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Do you guys think we'll one day see a target virus made by some extremist group looking to create a utompia of master race people? What better way to see your vision of the world come to fruition then to just launch a plague that kills everyone that doesn't line up with what you envision as worthy. Scary stuff. Seems a country like NK or China, with a population thats very not-diverse, would see that as a "insta-win" card to play.


I seriously thought this common knowledge - they’ve talked about it since the beginning.

If you’re over 70 or fat, this thing is dangerous. Everyone else, you’ll be fine.
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