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Best wii 'light gun' ?


Batteries the CRISIS!
Nov 19, 2005
Northeast Ohio
markatisu said:
I bought the NERF gun and it feels good but its too heavy for my hands, it might be my arthritis but I like the weight of the Perfect Shot or the Nintendo stock one better.

Has anyone tried the Cabella ones?

Yeah I can see that. I personally like the gun having more weight. [shrug]

I haven't tried the Cabella shotgun thing, but I've been kinda interested in it... I mean, a Cabella hunting simulator doesn't count as a lightgun shooter... does it? o_O


Feb 2, 2005
I like to use the Wii Zapper with Ghost Squad, the Wiimote without shell with Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, the Nyko Power Shot with House of The Dead series and Dead Space: Extraction (and Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles, though I haven't played with it with just the Wiimote yet). I also have the gun that comes with HotD:Overkill but the weight distribution makes my middle finger feel sore after playing for more than one hour. It depends on the game which shell I like best, but overall it's the Power Shot. I haven't tried the Nerf gun yet through.

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Oct 29, 2007
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The Shot Blaster is the best, for my money. It came as a RE: UC-branded gun, here's the link at Capcom's store.

Well built, nice trigger, and it's perfect for either type of Wii light gun shooter.

For games that don't allow 1:1 reticule aiming, you can use it in its default tommy gun / Zapper style.

For games that DO allow for a more accurate light gun experience, the top clips right off and it works as a pistol shell.

Also, the rear handle that holds the Nunchuk is made to be flicked up as you hold it, for games that reload taht way.