Bombs detonated at Boston Marathon finish line

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And apparently too weak a target.

I'd expect organized terrorists to do something on a grander scale than a hit and run like this.

Sounds very amateur, provided these are the last of the explosions
But if they occurred at the end of the marathon route, thats usually pretty crowded with people. A lot of people in a relatively confined space.

IF its a nutjob or terrorist looking to do damage to people, then thats likely as easy a target as any. I really hope it was just some gas explosion or something- not that it makes it any better for those involved.
Yeah, it's just speculation. I wasn't trying to say anything about Islam either, more just to distinguish that I think, if this is a terrorist act, it's a lot more likely to originate from outside the country than from a domestic group.
It's true that a group act doesn't often come from within the United States, but a lone bomber could literally come from anywhere (and is usually domestic). There's absolutely no information about the nature of this right now.
I was going to head to the city this morning, decided not to last minute. Had small kitchen hazard and come back to this.

Usually one of my favorite days of the year, just feel sick to stomach now.
Wtf is going on. I'm driving and no one is talking about it here in NYC. The radio stations aren't saying much either. Anyone know a good radio station for these kinds of news
WFAN 660AM, NYC's flagship sports station. Francesa has been on this story for awhile now.


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Please explain. Why would somebody do something like this on tax day?
Some kind of wild protest, although it'd be a little weird that it's not targeting the government.

Of course, assuming rationality from someone who would bomb and kill people might be expecting too much.

Really need to wait for details before jumping to conclusions about motive, if indeed this was deliberate.

Just pinged a guy in Boston who's currently working on one of my new networks I installed in Boston. He's about 2 blocks away. Said its a "madhouse" right now, everyone is freaking out.
Jesus Fucking Christ I just rewound the CBS footage.
You see people scatter everywhere and cops and emts running towards it.

I don't think I should have watched that.


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looking at all these photos and video it looks like it definitely did originate from the building behind the crowd which is why you don't see explosive marks on the sidewalk or near anything on the sidewalk.
Such a weird incident:

- A marathon is a weird target
- 3 hours after the race finished
Can the general public take part in the Boston marathon? If so, it's not as strange as it seems.

For example, London Marathon. The pros run first and then there's the marathon that anyone can enter. People are crossing the finish line for hours and hours during the day. Hours and hours after the first person crosses.
3 hours since the first winners crossed the finished line, Marathons go on for some time after since many amatuers run and can take their time and do it for fun. Lot of people would be hanging out at the finish line area
This is true for most marathons, but not the Boston. Most runners have to qualify with times ranging from 3 hours to 3:30 hours to gain entry into Boston.

Some do gain entry without qualifying through fundraising, but the point remains that when the explosion occurred it was probably past peak traffic.
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