Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition rated for PS4/XB1/PC, published by Gearbox


The Brazil Advisory Rating Board has rated Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

It is listed as published by Gearbox Software and due out in 2017.

Screenshots of a Bulletstorm remaster were included in a package of assets Microsoft gave out at E3 2016 in June. Despite the assets, however, an official announcement was never made. When we contacted developer People Can Fly at the time, we were told by a studio representative, “We offer no comments to any Bulletstorm remaster questions at this moment.”

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Tnx lashman


Interested to see what they might add to the PC version to make it worth it, but I'd be down for more dick jokes.


Hope to see improvements ver th base game at least visually
Shame origin owners wont get this upgrade but ima double dip anyays


Wouldn't mind playing this again. Probably just the single player though since I'm sure I'd feel the need to try and go for the platinum again if I did the online component


I suppose there won't be a free update to the PC version along the lines of Bioshock Remastered since the publisher changed.


Un Rama
Hellllllll yeaaaah!

Will double dip for sure.

Edit: Gearbox eh? Will either not buy or wait for heavy reduction/sale.
I think the time is right for bulletstorm now. With last gen being so full of serious military shooters it just seemed like people weren't interested in games like this.

I think things like shadow warrior making a comeback and being super well received and what will hopefully not be a full priced remaster will be better received by the general audience now.


You don't need to be empathetic towards me.
Another shit remaster incoming.

Take bets on the lack of AF on ps4? It is a unreal engine game.


Fantastic. One of my favorite games of last gen. Had a blast with that game and much better than it deserved to be (especially with that marketing - woof)
Interested to see what they might add to the PC version to make it worth it, but I'd be down for more dick jokes.

The mouse+kb controls were a bit wonky. e.g. the frontend and pause menu would work with arrow key controls and respond to mouse input, but the menu for looking at the skillshots and interacting with the menu to buy ammo and such (the "blue" menus) would only use what you had bound to forward/backward/left/right. They were pretty keyed into the gamepad controls, and that awkwardness was one mild complaint of the PC version.

Also, as others mentioned, the PC version is still tied to GFWL and some other stuff, and that may be removed in some capacity.
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