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Classical Music GAF

Doc Honk

Oct 21, 2014
Are contemporary works fine?
This is my favourite minimalist piece. There's no youtube version of this recording, so I have to link to spotify. It's a piece that builds very slowly, and doesn't have a lot of melody, so if you check it out then give it a few minutes :)

Simeon ten Holt: Canto Ostinato - Tomoko Mukaiyama
I'm listening now. Awesome. I love music that lasts and builds. Like Godspeed. Thanks for sharing. I opened the Wikipedia page for this, and wow, I'm always surprised at what exists - growing sections, repeated at will, wow.

I kind of wish I didn't look at the Wiki page and just let the music wash over me. Will try to relax and enjoy, even though I'm at work now, so closing my eyes, and dreaming off might not be best!
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