Co-Director of Dishonored: 'Call of Duty makes gamers stupid'


Oct 15, 2008
Hatin' is bad IMO. If CoD is making me stupid then I'm glad I was smart to start with because I'm going to keep playing.


Apr 23, 2008
TheOddOne said:
This is what his co-designer Harvey Smith said about Dishonored in EDGE #231:
"Modern games have got increasingly insulated. They protect the player," claims Harvey smith. "The player can do this one thing, but it never spills over into this other thing. We deliberately go in this opposite direction."

He says about Dishonored: "We author the player power and systems and AI in such a way that the delibereately interact - somtimes messily, sometimes sloppily - to produce results that we don't even predict,'' Smith explains. "This is one of our favorite things in terms of philopsophy - we're always going for a simulation; systems that run. Its different philosophy than in games where every situation is scripted, and every player will have the same experience." Compare this with the likes of Black Ops, whose players could complete the opening level by firing their weapon only once, during a scripted sequence, and Smith's point seems even more pertinent.
- You play a bodyguard that been wrongfully accused in killing the empress you swore to protect. Your job is taking revenge by assasinating the men who framed you.
- Your primirary weapons are a sword and a crossbow, also supernatural power to teleport, bend time and possess living things. Mentioned the freedom of Bulletstorm in killing enemies.
- It takes place in a fictional England, seems to be borrowing a little of Bioshock's Rapture. "Mixing time periods from the '20 to the Renaissance with boroque touches."
- There is no electricity, but there is whale oil. You have a physical source - you actually have a tank that you can carry with you. Those tanks of whale oil are present through out the game, acting like massive batteries for the Wall of Light (a security device). You can find blueprints for the Wall of Light so you can hack them and turn them against the guards.
- There are inscripted rats running throughout the game (lol)."Wherever the rats are, the way they move around the map, they represent threat."
- The use of stealth is distinct, think of Mirror's Edge. Its possible to progress the game without killing anyone.
- "There is branching, which is not only based on what you do or what you don't do: its more like aggregate of things you did, we call that the Chaos system. In other words, the more you kills people, the more you disturb an erea, and the chances of that branching happening will be bigger."
-"It maintains the greatest stability, and so a lot of the branches that happen later are what you would expect when things are more stable, more positive, if things are more chaotic, it makes you think like life is cheap, there are more betrayals and more bad outcomes."
I believe in Harvey. We can pretend Blacksite didn't happen. And Invisible War. Plus he knows that both are shit, which is a bonus. This sounds promising, if it lives up.


Oct 23, 2009
tiff said:
Yeah, just like I buy 5 copies of Wii Sports every time somebody slags casual gamers on GAF.
Apparently people did that :p

tiff said:
Or better yet he should do what he's doing now and make the game he wants to make while not being a slave to market trends.
The problem isn't that he does what he wants, the problem is he slag the market for not buying his product because he does what he wants. Well tough luck guy, if he doesn't do the market bidding the market won't cut him any slack.
And by market I don't mean some magical entity, I mean us the customers.