Concept Artwork For "Epic Mickey"

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Found by the Superannuation Blog, finder of all things awesome.
Amongst other non-ludological things, concept art for an “interactive game” called “Epic Mickey.”

Seems to lend some credibility to that story from late last year about a Warren Spector-developed, steampunk-themed title of the same name. I really, really, really hope this is being fully realized, or I’ll be very sad.

Found by the Superannuation Blog
Steampunk Mickey World remains a stupid idea, but that's about the best execution of it imaginable. I didn't expect anything less from them.


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Chris Remo said:
Yeah, this is the artwork we were referring to in our story last year.

I hope this game is still in the works!
This sketch is not there, but the description alone has me in awe.
Another sketch included a surreal seashore invasion scene, in which machines wearing the faces of the Seven Dwarfs deposit old-fashioned renditions of Disney characters onto the beach with mechanical hands.
Also, I hope the title is Steampunk Willie.


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HUELEN10 said:
Why would you say such a thing?!?!?!?!
I haven't seen many platformers that go hand in hand with wonderful epics. Though perhaps I'm thinking too much of old 2-D ones.

Metal Gear?! said:
Would you rather it be an ADV?
Actually, yes. An adventure game in the vein of Heavy Rain/The Dig would actually be a pretty good idea.
pje122 said:
Who the fuck is Dippy? STFU with that Dippy shit!
You've never heard of Dippy Dawg?!?!?!

For shame!
As long as it is old-timey or steampunk, and this is very much so that, then it might as well be Dippy!
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