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Cyberpunk 2077 |OT| The Future Is Now

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Ivory Blood

Well, I finished it, 65 hours, done most of the important side quests which count towards the main quest. Maybe I'll write something more complex, but for now, all I gotta say about the ending Fuck... can't get anything better than bittersweet, huh? That Arasaka ending is downright depressing and scary. Johnny one is... fuck, better but not much. Everything else... fuck. I don't know, hits right in the feels. It's also one of the best, maybe even the best, damn games I've ever played.
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Baldur's Gate is not a good RPG now. The stuff I read on this forum...

Baldurs Gate 3 will probably be a great RPG when its released. I had some fun in The early access alpha but didnt want to play more since its so unfinished..

Do y’all ever listen to Johnnys advice during side missions? I do sometimes.

Daffy Duck

You need to find Epic "recipes" first. To craft some Epic items you only need Common elements. Craft that item then disassemble it and you'll get back Epic parts back. This makes very little sense.

Given, I had like 8000+ parts to work with. I loot everything. :messenger_grinning_sweat:

I loot everything too so should be able to do some exploiting too


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The game looks downright catastrophic on the base consoles. Inexcusable IMO. They should have just made it next-gen and PC only. I truly think GTA5 looked better on the PS3.


Just convinced a car not to commit suicide so I'm pretty sure this game is quite good. Also driving around Pacifica looking for one of Delamain cabs gave me the same feelings i got when going by car through some of the more run down parts of my hometown.

If it's the go around the city looking for the rogue cars then it's quite early in the game that you unlock it. To complete probably you should be around mid game since one of them requires a gunfight in a more leveled up part of town.
😄 it was the mission before I get jhonny


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Black Chamber's sick |OT2| is up:

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