CYBERPUNK 2077 |OT2| The Last Samurai [>56K Warning_]

>Run cmd.exe_C:\CYBERPUNK 2077 OT Program.exe ... ERROR: File Not Found_

>Restore Previous Entries ... ERROR: File Not Found_

>Restore Archives ... ERROR: File Not Found_


>C:_cmd.exe\Run Soulkiller.exe_

>Breach Protocol Complete_

>Logging Into Secure NeoGAF BBS Server ... Successful_

>Accessing Secondary《Backdoor》Memory Storage Backup ... Complete_

>Accessing Text\Image Files ... Complete_

>Installing Anti-Crystaljock Software ... Complete_

>Compiling Software\Recreating Simulation ... Complete_

>Rebuilding Database From Storage ... Complete_

>Rebuilding Systems ... Complete_

>Do You Wish To Continue? Y\N_


>Rebooting ... _


>Due to a malicious, unwarranted attack by a rogue agent working for Arasaka, we've had to move our base of operations to a more secure location. All of the previous files and archives were lost and are being held by Arasaka, Militech and a new threat, the rogue agent "K" that orchestrated the Cyberattack on our previous server. We have beefed up our Firewalls and fortified the net code to ensure your utmost safety and to provide a secure base of operations for the ongoing mission._

>Now, first things first. We've got to get you registered in our new database. It's quick, easy and painless; so don't worry. Just follow the instructions below_

>Welcome back Choomba! It's good to see you again._

>Before we begin, ease your mind with some music we've specially selected just for you. 77 tracks of pure aural bliss - they will make enjoying this file more enjoyable if you play them in the background. Just click on the image below_

>We have prepared a dossier of all the pertinent information you will need to begin your mission to take down Arasaka and restore order and balance to Night City...well, as much as possible, anyway_

>It won't be easy, but I have faith you'll get the job done. You are the best Merc we've got - so don't let me down._

>If you need more detailed information about the mission, Night City, or just want to delve into the Historical Archives - be sure to download these files:

>OT Archive Files\Review File_]

>All of the information you will need for this mission can be found below and in the Archive Files above._

>Good luck, Edgerunner🤘💯_


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Chris Walken

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From the other thread

Baldur's Gate is not a good RPG now. The stuff I read on the internet...


It's not only Gafs fault.

Right now, due to social networks there's not a single great game ever created, all of them are bad to certain people and they want to make sure everyone listens to them.

Classic internet shouting out loud, in this forum we have some of them regarding Cyberpunk.
Nice work Black Chamber Black Chamber !

I like that the crash reporter for this game even says "Thanks Choomba" when you submit an error report.

Thought it was some Meta gameplay thing when it first crashed
A crash happened for me when you "die" and wind up in lanfill
and I thought it was some clever little thing they'd put in. Nope, just a crash!


so thrilled to be playing this game on PS5. genuinely feels next gen and we haven't even seen the real next gen version yet..

i've finished the prologue and am a decent way into recovering all of the cars. other than that just running around this city finding things to do!

absolutely love this game. cyber psychos better watch out.


I got this over the weekend. Originally played it on my desktop which has a 1070 and it ran OK (40-60 fps on medium settings). Played it for a few hours using mouse/keyboard. Then I installed it on my laptop which has a 2060, with RT and DLSS on, I was able to run it on high settings around 55-60fps and it looked much better. I used a controller for my laptop. With the aim assist, using a controller isn't as awful as I expected it to be, and driving with a controller is much easier than using a kb/m. Found that to be the same way with GTA games as well.

I also haven't been this sucked into a singleplayer game since Fallout 3.

I have some questions though:
1) if you beat the main campaign, can you continue the story or does the game end?
2) does anyone know how long the game takes to beat if you do close to everything? I was hoping for 100+ hours


You guys killing others with cars while driving ? In city thats no possible i guess but in more open areas i found thats pretty working way to get rid of them fast specially if they stand in open. Then turn around and go back ats whats left or go fast backwards.
So some cars can go on fire still driveable fine . I guess you cant fix cars , so you just leave them burning little and they stays that or they can explode in time? Anyone tested?
Just so many ways to play it and do stuff and then something happens and surprise you. Amazing. Like climb on places that you would never imagined before but you can do lots there that noone tells you.
Found pretty great npc awareness like if they see you but not sure as you hide fast in slo mo then they wont raise alarm like other games and all npc on map will know your spot thats not happening here, even if they standing close to each other and you shoot one with silencer other wont notice it maybe like instantly , those and other things that not just punish you right away i like very much, its like they give you space to breath still to work out best way or just hide and wait and they wont find you because they did not saw you. Those small details in many stuff are just great really.
Shame they dont have some kind of futuristic bow there maybe or like crossbow for silent hits. That would be even better more choices
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Itching to get back to this and looking forward the time off I have next week and the week after that. My pistol/netrunner build is coming together nicely and I'm starting to melt enemies in some of the lower level areas. I've also taken on a few cyberpsychos after initally getting demolished by them.


I'm loving this game. There are some things they can easily fix to create some persistence around the player ( Cars that you steal and park should stay put until cops claim them, and they need to stop the npc spawning so close to the player ( police and randoms ) should spawn further away and not get erased the moment you turn around. )

...but I'm loving this story and seeing the touches around how characters move around in scenes and animate in natural ways is super impressive.
Holy shit, dude, that is awesome. Enjoyed that trip down the page.

As for the game, I must be crazy or something, because I got ridiculously hooked on it over the weekend in a way I haven't with any game in a long time. The troubled launch won't stop it from becoming a classic in the future, I guarantee it.
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My opinion on the game has taken a complete 180. Fucking incredible experience. Just binge played it all through the night and had no desire to stop at any point. Really can't remember the last time I've done that. It's not perfect, but with some content patches (open world activities please) and bug fixes it feels like a sure bet for my top 5. Too bad all the optimizing they're going to do for base consoles means extra content is going to take ages.


I think the OTs good but half of its still loading. not really. It did take a bit though. Its very nice Good to see BC got to use some of his hard work here.

As for the game, I took the advice of whoever suggested to get double jumps and arm weapons pronto. And yeah, game changer. Double jumps open up the terrain soooo much, and gorilla arms are good fun to woop fools with.

It does say they can be used to force doors, but the only door I've come across since installing them, I still couldn't pass the body check. It was half the reason I got them over the others, because I've invested nothing in body. Is that a bug or am I missing something?


Should I tackle this on PS4 Pro or on PC with a 1060 6GB + Ryzen 5 1600?

Help a brother out fam.
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I wish there was a game 1/10 as cool as Ghost in the Shell, but its like saying "I wish <insert epic sci-fi/fantasy novel> could be adapted to film faithfully."

Does Cyberpunk 2077 have any people with freaky splitting fingers?


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OT is amazing Black Chamber Black Chamber , but that Playlist is fucking awesome how did i miss that?
We've been curating it here. Feel free to contribute to it if you want :)

I just finished the prologue and my character was
depressed as shit so I decided he needed some air.
I headed towards a mission on foot to check out the city during daytime and eventually ended up downtown.
Holy shit, the open world might not be much more than a backdrop to great story and characters but my God did they nail the look and feel of a futuristic city... Everything fits and makes sense. The details and texture work is stunning, the cracks in the road, the way crosswalks and lamp posts look different depending on where in the city you are, the sheer size of the buildings. Not to mention the sound design and the way sounds blend in and out seamlessly.

If you're on PC and are disappointed in the performance/graphics you should take some time to tweak the game properly. It really is a stunner.
Thanks, imma wait until I have the option to buy that. All the cars I can buy now are either trucks or seemingly cadillacs.
Yeah, I'm not sure how it works with the cars being offered to you. Seems very random. I've had fixers offer me vehicles before even doing any jobs for them and all sorts. Might just be a progression thing.

Ivory Blood

Ok. Some SERIOUS spoilers about the ending, with pictures, don't open if you did not finish the game, just gotta talk about it a little.

Man, what a ride. None of the endings are "good", but as I mentioned in the previous thread, one of them - specifically Arasaka, is just fucking scary and depressing, Cherami Leigh fucking sells it 100%.

What hit me the most in the epilogue is that doctors let you call people closest to V, back on Earth, and Hanako Arasaka is in the address book... but if you try calling her, she doesn't pick up the phone, and then they tell you she already forgot about V, when Takemura comes to visit with that fucking "sell your soul" contract. Also those messages people send to V on the voicemail during the credits - fuck, heart wrenching.

And other endings - well... not much "better". I take my hat off to CDPR, i've never been this impressed.

- actually this one.
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