Dark Souls 2 Lighting changes/Downgrade

NOTE:Comparison videos below show the changes from PS3 version to PS3 version!

Figured this was newish news, and people outside the OT deserved to know about it.

People playing Dark Souls 2 early have shown that in the current build there are some significant lighting changes which greatly (imo) change the aesthetic of the game from it's initial reveal and the PS3 gameplay shown since then. Of course since the game isn't officially out yet, it is still subject to change, but I think it's good to get the news out there.

Comparison videos

PS3 version, January 2014
From 3:49 to 5:08 (no spoilers)
From 2:22 to 2:37, torch gameplay (no spoilers)

PS3 version, March 2014
From 6:15 to 9:40 (no spoilers)

Game is out! New comparisons: (Removed some to reduce size)
Found footage of the mansion of the dragons. There's no way anybody anywhere can't claim this game hasn't been completely gutted. Just look at this shit, LOOK AT THIS SHIT:

Some new Images just showing how stark the changes are:
Before on top/left, now on bottom/right
Are the people playing saying anything like this, or just people looking at compressed streams? I was avoiding OT for fear of spoilers.
It looks like an aesthetic improvement to me for the most part. Even if it loses some of the initially advertised dynamism, the look feels closer to what I like. So the good cancels out the bad for me.
aren't that pictures basically a comparison between PC version and generation 7 console?
EDIT: So are they not or are they? I'm confused here :/
It's obvious there was a downgrade and I'm sure for very good reason. The 360 and PS3 are getting a bit long in the tooth and they possibly couldn't keep up that lighting across the entirety of the game at an acceptable frame rate.

Regardless, I'm content with playing it on 360 for what is sure to be an amazing game. Graphics enthusiasts can get it on PC.
First pic is kinda fugly imo. I got what they were going for but I think it works better on paper. No excuses for the last pair though. Bit shitty move if the first batches were supposed to be 360/PS3 shots
I wonder if this trend is intentional or not. Do they show us a smoke and mirrors version to trick us (marketing) or because they genuinely believe they can achieve those visuals on consoles (optimization)?

If it's the former then it needs to stop. Such bullshit.
Some places look amazingly atmospheric, others look like the lighting is missing. It seems to be more obvious on larger open rooms, since the more confined stuff has shadows and reflections all over the place.

Dark Souls had a similar thing though, so nothing major. Some places looked amazing, other were fairly average but it was the overwhelming gameplay that drowned all of that stuff out. Even on the PC version with graphical tweaks, some places looked average.

Maybe this is the legacy of last-gen. They did mention recently about it being a Next-Gen engine, so hopefully they have some lighting tweaks etc.
Looks better to me. More like a Souls game. All that fancy lighting talk never really sat well with me, if this is what they had to do to get the framerate playable it is fine by me.
I'm only able to go off of the Mirror Knight screens as this is the part I tried out at Eurogamer and the 2nd shot looks terrible compared to what I played. Assuming it was PS3 I played...
Im skipping the PS3 release, I love the series but will wait it out for a PS4 version with hopefully an upgrade on aesthetics and graphics.
<tinfoil hat time/> they turned it off so the eventual next gen port looks like a substantial upgrade :p

it was actually playable on various expos on real hardware, strange it's gone now. Framerate apparently isn't any good despite this removal anyway.
Looks like the dynamic lighting responsible for the crazy shadow casting is out.

If you guys watch at 55 seconds from the old vid, I can understand why they removed it.

Dark Souls is gameplay first, and it looks like the way the shadows behaved with the old lighting was not going to allow you to tackle enemy encounters without having a seizure. Honestly, it looks like it got in the way.


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it's like the discarded the new engine completely lol

Holy shit, it's like they dropped most of the real-time lighting effects entirely. It's like looking at a PC game on high/max and then turning the graphics down to minimum.

On one hand it just looks like Demon's/Dark Souls 1 (which I never minded graphically), but I'm very surprised that they did this, considering the new look is something they touted so much. I have to say it's disappointing if this is how it's going to look, though.

I'm also worried that some stylistic/atmospheric touches that were based around the "new" lighting system would be lost through this change. It certainly looks like a lot of the wall textures seemed to rely on lighting to look good. They just kind of look like ass without it.
Why the name of the bosses are different in those shots?

One says mirror knight, which i think is supposed to be the name.

But the other one says looking glass knight??

I'm only able to go off of the Mirror Knight screens as this is the part I tried out at Eurogamer and the 2nd shot looks terrible compared to what I played. Assuming it was PS3 I played...
I never got to play it, but man I'm so disappointed there. The lightning in that scene/battle looked so cool.
Will quote Klyka from the OT to pay the proper respects
We should all shed some...light on this situation.
Yeah I think it's obviously to improve performance, and I much prefer solid performance than better lighting. On PC I'm sure we will have better lighting.


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FROM do have a track record for cutting out graphical features and then reimplementing them via patches. I'm pretty sure that on initial release Demon's Souls characters cast no shadows, and they only reappeared following a patch.