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Dark Souls II: Review Thread


irresponsible vagina leak

PC Metacritic
PS3 Metacritic
360 Metacritic

CVG: 10/10
VideoGamer: 10/10
Gamer365(Hungary) 10/10
GameInformer: 9.75/10
AusGamers: 9.6/10
Famitsu: 9/10/9/9
M!Games: 90%
IGN: 9/10
Gamespot: 9/10
Destructoid: 9/10
Polygon 9/10
Eurogamer: 9/10
Edge: 9/10
Gamereactor(Spain): 9/10
Press-Start: 9/10
OPM(UK): 9/10
Pixel Enemy: 9/10
Metro(UK): 9/10
EGM: 8.5/10
OXM: 8/10
Guardian(UK): 5/5
US Gamer: 5/5
Gamesradar 4.5/5
Escapist: 4.5/5
HardcoreGamer: 4.5/5
Rev3: 4/5
Kotaku: Yes
Expecting a slightly higher review average than DS1 mostly because of the clout the series has built over the last couple years.

It's going to a long wait for the PC version.


expecting mid 80's to mid 90's

probably sitting at 90 when it's all said and done

Out of all he reviews, I want to hear what the Giantbomb team thinks especially those LTTP of the series like Brad


I'll be excited no matter what the scores say. Picking up my copy tomorrow after work, and I imagine it will have my attention for a good long while.


Considering that reviewers were complaining about the difficulty on something like LoS2 or Donkey Kong, it'll be interesting to see how they score this.


Ballpark guess range for Metacritic: 79-92. Would be genuinely surprised if it was higher or lower.

Gonna hedge my bets and guess 86 Metacritic for my single number.


Bane? Get them on board, I'll call it in.
Grab your Estus, this is gonna be good.

If Donkey Kong was too much for them... hahahahahahahahaha.
Arghhh... I pre-ordered it for the PC on GMG for a great price. But I'm feeling like a deprived addict right now. The thought I could be playing it on my PS3 sooner is causing me pain lol.
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