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Def Jam Fight for NY is one of the best fighting games of all-time


Sidney Prescott

Unconfirmed Member
Anyone else absolutely love this game? I was re-watching some of it on YouTube recently and got a complete rush of nostalgia and desire to play it again. The Def Jam brand really deserves to get a reboot of some kind.

This game is just pure fun and has tons of replay value. I feel like a lot of fighting games just have the story as filler, where as this one had a really engaging storyline that worked really well and it actually felt like a central focus. It's cool to see your phone blow up throughout the game as you receive text and voice messages before fights from the many characters of the game, which adds more lore to everything. Working your way through the many fighters of the game to earn respect, building up your skills & moveset, being able to buy new clothes/accessories. You can really make the game your own, there is just so much to do. The fighting styles all offer a very unique experience/challenge for multiple playthroughs.

It has one of the best cast of characters of any game. Being able to fight and use so many recognisable hip hop names and faces was just pure awesome. The soundtrack was also next level with a lot of great music. I also loved how many different levels this game has. Each level has it's own feel and vibe, and feels very distinct.

Most importantly of all, the gameplay was just fun. I honestly struggle with most fighting games and this one felt the most rewarding and I loved how many moves you can unlock and how cool the finishers are. Just a dope ass game that deserves so much love. The final fight is all kinds of badass and so memorable, with such a good song.



Sep 20, 2020
Idk about all time best but it sure was a lot of fun. I remember picking up Def Jam Icon hoping it was similar but it was trash in comparison imo.

Sidney Prescott

Unconfirmed Member
it really is

such a shame how they ruined the franchise after that
Def Jam: Icon was a really weak entry in to the series. They completely changed the formula of it. I think if they ever brought it back, I'd love for them to just do a straight up reboot of NY. Just imagine some of the fights with modern day graphics.
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Neo Member
Sep 18, 2020
The fighting and being able to use almost the entire environment as a weapon is still so unique to this day. So many different fighting styles and ways to build up your character. I pray that one day this game can be matched. Probably my favorite fighting game, ever. You don't even have to like rap to enjoy these mechanics...


Apr 17, 2015
I'm selling off old games that are worth money and I just sold this one for £35 so people are definitely still looking for it. This was the Gamecube version though. The characters are the best though yeah, so much personality.