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Dell Shows Off 'Nyx' Concept Game Controller that may replace all controllers in the future


It's so good that one journalist couldn't even try it because it wasn't working for the demo... YUP solid replacement there.
A touchpad instead of a dpad is shit, they had that back in the nes era and it was rubbish for playing games with.

That's because the touch pad was bad and wasn't actually a "real" touchpad.

Why would you put the touchpad on the left side?

Because that's the side the movement stick usually is, Dell thought it would be easier to move around with the touch pad, than to use it for a camera.

Yeah that doesn't make sense and should be reversed, but if you look more into Dell talking about this concept, then that seems to be the reason they did it.

A touch pad is much more likely to fail than a standard D-pad so what on earth are they going on about

Right, making you have to keep buying new controllers, which gives them more money.

Oh, now i see why they expect the concept to replace all the controllers in the future, because the companies will be unified and giving you controllers that will die relatively quickly so you'll have to spend money to replace them

Like Smartphones, but with game controllers.


I remember when Dell showed their UFO handheld gaming PC at CES 2020, 3 years ago, everyone thought it was the coolest thing ever so they promptly never released a product based on it.
And then the Steam Deck happened and they got rekt.

This Nyx thing seems super uninteresting so I guess they'll give it a go.
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