Destiny 2 |OT| Here We Go Again


The Cryptarch's Bane
Discord Announcements

Hey all, just some stuff here about the DGAF Discord to keep in mind in advance of the actual launch. For anyone who doesn't know, Discord is essentially a community chatroom with a bunch of different channels, from fully off-topic stuff to LFG to spoiler territory. It also has voice chat capabilities, which will be extremely handy when the PC version rolls around.

If you would like to join the Discord, there is a link in the OT you can quote to see. Feel free to come check it out!


1) While DGAF, as a community offshoot of NeoGAF, doesn't and cannot moderate this thread, the Discord is totally operated by a few of us and is (lightly) moderated by DGAF member mods. There are simple rules which you'll see upon first joining (which are totally non-controversial in my opinion) and of the basic "don't be a dick" nature. Still, especially with a potentially large influx of new/first-time players joining us, please make sure to read them.

2) When you first join you will be directed to the #role-management channel and asked to set a role (XBOX, PS4, PC, or No_LFG_Notifications). These roles enable you to receive notifications from anyone who uses @ that role. This is useful in the #lfg channel to form an immediate fireteam. This is the PRIMARY function of these roles and these notifications cannot be suppressed in any way. If you want to receive all LFG message notifications for your platform, then you're good. If not, what you should do is go back to #role_management and have your role removed and set the No_LFG_Notifications role. You can still access and view the #lfg channel when you need a group.

Volume at launch is going to be extremely high. We are trying to avoid people being inundated with notification spam without realizing why when the game comes out. Personally I'm going to just mute my phone, and see how it goes, but I definitely know some of you will prefer not to get the spam. After things die down you can always ask to have the role added again if you want.

3) Regarding spoilers: there is a spoiler channel called #d2_spoiler_zone within which you can talk about anything you want without fear. Outside of that channel, please use your best judgment. At least with regard to the story and raid spoilers specifically, let's see if we can make it a week for the Campaign and two weeks for the Raid before we discuss that stuff openly because not everyone will be playing the game at the same pace or starting right at launch, but they still want to be able to come to the community for help or to find groups. Similarly, please use spoiler tags in the OT. A good rule: if you have to wonder whether or not something might be considered a spoiler, just tag/spoiler channel it. :p

4) Finally, a note on the role of Discord and the title of this thread: Discord is used for a high-intensity chatroom, a way to stay connected to DGAF whenever you want (Discord has a full-featured mobile app), a way to find people who are also online at the exact moment you are looking for a group, and memes (whether you wanted them or not. /zavala).

It is not DGAF itself. People who choose not to use the Discord are no less a part of this community, and people who do use it are not a special subset of this community with greater privileges. We are one community and DGAF exists in the connections made between the Guardians reading this, shooting aliens and helping one another; it is not any one platform of communication. For my part, I'll be spending most of my time in the early phases of D2 in this thread.

Concerns have been raised, both tongue-in-cheek and serious, about exclusivity and cliques within the community. I have no patience for any of that. The thing is that we are a gigantic community. Not everyone is gonna get along 100% of the time. And it's worth keeping in mind that what may be easily mistaken for a clique might very well be actual friendship- some of us have known each other for literally 3 years or more now and become quite close. But everyone is welcome, whether it's your first minute here or your 2500th hour of game time.


That's all! See you starside, Guardians.
Checking in before the big drop! I played Destiny at launch, ended up not liking it after playing for a couple of weeks, then returned just after House of Wolves launched and fell in love with the game. Played for about 7 or 8 months solid.

That was either just before or slightly after I even joined NeoGAF, so DGAF has, until now, not been a part of my Destiny experience.

I'm gonna sign up for DGAF Discord even though I enlisted into a GiantBomb clan. I look forward to groupfinding with some of you folks in the future!
Has there been any word on when the first DLC expansion for this game comes out? I'm thinking of getting this game day 1 on the PS4 but I'll probably move almost full time to the PC when Nvidia's Volta line shows up and I'd prefer to double dip without having to buy DLC for both versions.
Has there been any word on when the DLC for this game comes out? I'm thinking of getting this game day 1 on the PS4 but I'll probably move almost full time to the PC when Nvidia's Volta line shows up and I'd prefer to double dip without having to buy DLC for both versions.
December for first DLC and 2018 for second.

Will be released on all three platforms at same time.
When it unlocks , I hope to see you for the last time ... I'm planning to play until I don't pass out or die ;)
I'll be on but very late, I have work and then need to wait for the family to fall asleep. You along with everyone else will likely already be off by then :p

I've never played this game. Looking forward to it.
This gun called the Gjallarhorn dropped for me, is it any good?

How long will this OT last?

1 day? 1 week? 1 month?

Great job John and Lnkn, and everyone else who helped with the OT.
OT2 Already up :p
I missed the OTs the first time around so I'm not being left behind this time! I'll be Titan America-ing all over the universe and shield smashing enemies in the face so hard, they'll be shitting legendary drops.

Also RIP to DrDrizzay101, dude sounded amazing. Would have loved to have played with him.

Looking forward to meeting new GAF guardians and fighting alongside you.

Dredgen Yor
Wei Ning

All the greatest Guardians are Titans
My Ninja!!!