Destiny 2 |OT| Here We Go Again



Guardians, I want to say good luck and God bless. It's been a long wait. Almost over.

Oh and if you need a fireteam member, I'm on the Discord but hit me up on XBL or PSN at the same name as here. I'll be on both platforms :)
The DrDrizzay shoutout is lovely, thanks for that

Nice and early OP! I for one can't wait for this thing...hope it lives up to the (/my) considerable hype
Good work on the OT John, Lnkn(as always).
Wish drizzay could have been here for this.
Guardians new and old, welcome to the best community this side of the universe.
Great work as always, John.

Destiny is back on the full throttle with the 1st page+ being hype pages.

If only I would be able to join in on being hyped but nonetheless...

Let's fucking go.
Starting off proper with a terrible OT title, as expected. Well done DGAF!

Seriously, OT looks great. Good stuff, John and Lnkn