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Destiny 2 |OT3| The Token King




Platinum Trophy: Learned to Shit While Upright Again.
Over/Under someone quotes the whole OP and goes where discord invite?


Hit #3 just in time for the one-month mark. Well done John.

edit: and good work Mr. Kreep (Rollo) on coining the title.
For the new thread, Zavala dropping 300 PL engrams so if you need infusion fodder or are still missing some of those Vanguard weapons and are already 305 PL then hurry to the Tower. 5 minutes left.


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Nice OT again! Finally started 3 characters after getting my hunter to 298 without doing the raid or anything. Loads of fun.

Switch Back 9

a lot of my threads involve me fucking up somehow. Perhaps I'm a moron?
Is there a decent way to earn >265 items without doing the raids? I'm old and my friends work too much.



Hoping to get a chance bext week post reset to get the raid done. Didn't get to do WOTM until well after hard mode was out, don't want to have to deal with learning the encounters for the first time on prestige mode.
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