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Destiny 2: The Final Shape | Review Thread


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I disagree with "great", but I'm glad you've enjoyed it.
OG raids, Taken king, Forsaken, Witch queen & now The Final Shape have all been great.

Loads of other bits in between as well, The Whisper mission springs to mind.

Loads of duffers in there as well, but i just drop the game if i'm not enjoying it.

Of course milage varies and that's just my opinion but i've had some great times with the game, each to their own and all that.


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Well, Gunplay is incredible. Everything else is just average or below average from story to mission design.
I literally explain what bits i though was great in the post above yours.

Not sure how anyone would call Vault of glass, Kings Fall, Whisper, Outbreak Prime, Salvations Edge etc average in design but i respect your opinion.

As Co-op FPS Multiplayer experiences go its at the tip of the spear.
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As someone who has put thousands of hours into Destiny since the OG launc this is my favorite dlc since the taken king.

Forsaken was great and the raid was better Imo but the overall package here is amazing.
No time (or mates) these days to learn a mechanic heavy raid but yeah Last Wish was amazing.
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