Destiny: Ghost Editions selling for crazy amounts on eBay

May 30, 2014
I was watching a few of these bids on eBay for Destiny's limited edition and started watching a few. This morning, my friend's sold for $1,025.

Others were selling for $600-$700. I have one I want to keep, but that money is tempting. What's the chances of this going for even more (sealed) years from now? I guess it depends on the game's quality on release.


Edit: IGN and GameSpot are covering this now. Aren't we special?
I would say that there is exactly zero chance that you'd anywhere near that much years from now. Too many people have the same idea and there are probably too many copies out there by now.
Mar 24, 2005
Like all bungie collector editions in a year's time you will have to pay to get rid of it.

Legendary edition my arse.
Pretty clearly not the case here. Pre-orders at most places closed within a day or so of it being announced, if not hours. I know 3 people who literally were at work the day it was announced, saw it when they got home and have never been able to secure pre-orders anywhere and they've been looking. Walmart is cancelling some/most of all of their pre-orders. You can't even pre-order the regular Limited Edition for some or ALL versions of the game at most retailers (Amazon is completely out of all 4, Gamestop only has last-gen versions and only online, etc) and we're still over a month out from launch. While this thing is worth nowhere near $1k, these things are clearly actually limited.


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Nov 4, 2013
I almost picked up the Ghost Edition, which would have been my first CE in years. Then I remembered that I have small children, and my toys are their toys. It would've been all but two hours until Dinklage was having tea with Mrs. Nesbitt.