Destiny Reveal Thread


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Jun 16, 2008

This thread will serve as a hub for the Destiny reveal happening in less than an hour. I'll update it with links and media from Bungie and press.

Official Destiny Site

*Destiny ViDoc - Pathways Out of Darkness*

Destiny Ad

Destiny PlayStation 4 annoucement

IGN Live Stream:

Destiny Concept Art Analysis by IGN - Leak thread

In-Engine Footage coming - Source

Thanks to ThatsMyTrunks for the PS4 Gifs
In Game shots from ViDoc
All in game footage from ViDoc spliced together

Gametrailers First Take by Geoff Keighly(Video) -
Destructoid Preview (Article) -
Giant Bomb - A Grown Man in his Underwear Tells You About Destiny by Jeff Gerstmann (Video) -
IGN Preview (Article) -
Joystiq Preview (Article) -
EuroGamer Preview (Article) -
Kotaku Preview (Article) -
Polygon Preview (Article) -
Adam Sessler Preview (Video) -
Examiner Preview (Article) -

Amazon 360 Preorder

Amazon PS3 Preorder

Multiplatform, cross gen (PS3, 360 + Next Gen)


  • Online-only
  • No subscription
  • No "main menu"
  • Matchmaking and game matchups done on the fly in-game, rather than through lobbies
  • Hub "public" zones that are all 3rd person. This is where you meet up with players, exchange loot, etc, etc. The one described in the news is on Earth, the Last City and mainly in a place called The Tower, but there are others on the other planets, too, apparently. One for Mars was suggested.
  • Raids/Dungeons
  • Game will seamlessly add players in and out of your co-op or solo adventure, think like Journey-style.
  • Takes place in a variety of locations: Earth, Venus, Mars, The Moon, rings of Saturn, Mercury, moons of Jupiter... more could be added
  • Each planet/location is treated as a "book" as far as story and structure is concerned. You can play and unlock new chapters within each planet's book.
  • You can get your own ship, and can customize it. Higher level = better ships.
  • Similarily, you can customize your character, appearance, skills probably, and weapons. Vehicles too.
  • Only human are said to be playable so far.
  • Three announced classes: Hunter (like a Rogue class I'd say), Titan (like Spartan I guess), and Warlock (magic user). Yes, there is magic. Space magic
  • No word on space combat or space travel, but if you get your own ship, I don't see why not.
  • Game will have no loading screens, no progress bars. Implying seamless travel from location to location.
  • Ties in with mobile apps and social networks, ie: set up parties and missions, get allerted of new chapters available, new locations, events, etc. Customize character...
  • Races are: Human, Vex (time travelling robots), Spiders Pirates, Cabal (rhino people), and some others
  • Faction Wars features, competitive hoppers, not very elaborated upon.
  • "Squads/Crews" look to be up to 6 people, but you can imagine that you could have pairings of multiple squads, or enemies.

More to come...
Jun 10, 2004
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Haven't posted here in years (wonder if anyone remembers me or my connection to GAF :p)

Anyhow, you can watch here:




Xbox 360 (download IGN app)


Roku (I believe this is launched).

or on your mobile device here (must use HLS capable browser)
Nov 18, 2012
And I'm at work with a crappy firewall blocking all gaming sites. LET ME LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH YOU GAF!

Edit: Also imagine the fire bomb meltdown if this press release somehow turns into a 720 reveal :p