[Destructoid] Leaked photo of NX controller?

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Black makes it looks so much better.
I'm cool with the look, but I'm concerned with the comfort. I've said it in the past, but I've never not liked a Nintendo controller, so I doubt this one will be any different.
It even has the 'mouse wheel' shoulder buttons (second pic).

Not like this Nintendo, please don't take my buttons away. I might be out before it even starts. This takes a lot of wind out of my sail.
I like it.
Now I'm thinking about the lack of buttons. Nintendo always made awesome controllers, so probably they have a new technology for touch systems... Or maybe not haha.
Yeah, I'm really into the black look. It looks like it's a bit smaller in width compared to the Gamepad. It seems like it's about 2/3 the size. Judging by the headphone cable, I'd say it was about 7 - 8" wide.

I want to see the back of this thing.
I don't think haptic feedback for the buttons will be good enought for my tastes :/
Will try before buying for sure and it'll be off the 3rd party loop for sure.
Too "unique" to get full 3rd party support... It'll be the WiiU all over again.
I really hope that's a handheld.

If it's just a controller for another console, it seems like it would be Wii U 2.0, which would be incredibly dumb on their part after the failure that was.
Buttons are there, the sticks are used as primary buttons according to the patent, i guess these new kind of stick will have a better "push" than the clicky stick we already now.
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