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Devs of ROTK and Nioh collabing for an action oriented ROTK game

Koei Tecmo‘s Kou Shibusawa and Team NINJA are collaborating on the development of a new action game set in the world of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the company announced during the Kou Shibusawa 40th Anniversary Program: Fall Campaign live stream.

While the Romance of the Three Kingdoms titles are generally strategy games developed by the Kou Shibusawa brand, the Team Ninja brand is known for action games such as the Ninja Gaiden and Nioh series.

Source: Gematsu


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lol i was thinking lord of the rings return of the king. thought i warped back to 2003 for a sec.
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This is awesome. I wonder if it's the Nioh team or not since they're working on Stranger of Paradise right now.


Action game set in the era of Romance of the Three Kingdoms?

Soooo...... Dynasty Warriors?
Action game set in the era of Romance of the Three Kingdoms?

Soooo...... Dynasty Warriors?
Koei - kou shibusawa = Strategy games like Nobunaga's Ambition and Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Koei - omega force = hack and slash, "1 vs 1000" games like all of the 'musou/warriors' games
Koei - team ninja = character action and fighting games like Dead or alive and Nioh.

So no, not dynasty warriors.


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Do not undersell Team Ninja's commitment to adding RPG elements to their output.

Nioh/Nioh2 is not in the least bit tentative about going all in on that side of things. Layer-upon-layer of itemization and extremely deep customization options are a hallmark of the games.

No joke, Nioh2 has far more depth and complexity to its RPG side than most JRPG's. Maximizing DPS requires trading off a lot of different elements/mechanics because its balanced such that there is no single overpowering buff, you need to figure out which effects conflict/cancel-out and ensure that your build has active enhancements across several fronts at the same time.

It deserves a lot of credit for the intricacy of its design.
We’re never getting Nioh 3, are we?

Probably much later. I can't imagine Team Ninja dropping Nioh since it's critically and financially successful.

That being said and being a huge Nioh fan myself, I'm super interested to see what they will come up with in the universe of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It's a great setting and has a rich lore.

Kou Shibusawa is great at telling the lore and visualising the world. Whilst Team Ninja is great at making addictive combat. Put those two together and I'm hella hyped. Maybe even more so than for a Nioh 3.

Just hope it won't look anything like that Final Fantasy chaos babbling crap.
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