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Diablo 3 beta open to everyone with Battle.net account [Up: Possibly closed again]


UPDATE: Its confirmed that access for non-beta people was an error. Battle.net is down right now and they are fixing it. Almost guaranteed that you won't be able to access it again unless you have a beta account in Battle.net.


Just confirmed this works!

I'm not in the beta, but I just logged in!


EDIT: Also, as a side note, I do have the annual pass and D3 linked to my account. Not sure if that is a factor.

Can confirm this works. I just logged in on a newly created Battle.net account.
It works from europe!

For people out of europe - change ingame server settings to north america so you can connect to the server. if you choose EU server you will get an 3003 error. Also you should have a battletag already created to login successfully.

Well, played for around 30 seconds and I'm already happy.

Really like the looks of the game now that I've finally seen it in person.

To download the client:

(Note: total download is 7+ GB. choose allow quick play in downloaded preferences of the client. you might be able to play before downloading the whole thing)

Gemüsepizza;37056745 said:
If you are downloading a non-US client, you have to select "US" as server in the options menu, because the EU server option does not seem to work.

Next Steps:

1- Post in the awesome Diablo III Beta thread!

2- Create your BattleTag and share it in the official Diablo III Beta thread! Thanks MrMister!

this was just posted in the Diablo 3 beta thread, but i figured a lot more people who wanted to try the beta would prefer to see this info in a new thread. from reddit:


some people have tried it and it works, apparently. i already have the beta so i can't try it.


Hmm I just saw this on Reddit. Turns out anyone can access the beta right now? I'm tempted to give it a try.



If its a bug they intend to fix, you guys better hurry up and download the client. Its 7 GB+


Downloading at ~3MB/s (university internet). I hope this works.

So if I get in before the bug is fixed, I can keep playing even after it is fixed?


Click as soon as it lets you play. The rest will download in the background while you play. I'm in beta so I can't test it but I hope it's true and you guys get to try it out


If I ever post something in Japanese which I don't understand, please BAN me.
fuuuuuuuck my graphic card at work is too weak. can't play


really happy for everyone who gets to try it out now.

i waited for months for mine, and was blown away when i first played it.

play witch doctor!
Unable to connect to the service or the connection was interrupted (Error 3003).

Aw mannn :(

Edit: never mind, changed the server to the Americas and it worked! It was defaulted to Europe for me.


Will be an hour or two till I get it downloaded and tested. Anyone else want to co-op through their first D3 run?


I got in!! Now hopefully this registers me in the beta, so I can come back to it later after my midterms this week.
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