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Digital Foundry: Ghostwire: Tokyo - Xbox Tech Review - No Improvement on PS5, Worse on Xbox Series X/S


Tbh, I do not think he really cares about the X-Box that much.

Listen to him when a PC port sucks or has Shader Compilation Stutter: then you hear him truly heart broken!
He does care about Xbox quite a bit and that's 'okay'. There is a hefty amount of Era, Beyond3d and Twitter posts to bake him up. One can well choose to willfully ignore those, that's an another matter. Quite a few seem to have a soft spot for him for one reason or another. He isn't lacking any supporters that's for sure.
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Just played some of this and once you get past the console warring comparison the game looks great. Even the performance mode that I thought was missing 60, doesn't really have a 60fps target I don't think instead, it is just meant as a better performing mode than quality mode (on the XSS). It's vsynced so even when it is in the 40s it still doesn't have bad tearing. I had thought they were implying that performance had a lot of screen tearing and couldn't figure out why they would do that to it, but I misunderstood what they were saying there. I think I'll stick to Quality mode since I'm not on a VRR monitor though as you still get a bit of jutter in performance mode due to the vsync.

I hope all the GP users check the game out and don't let all of the PS5 comparisons and talk and overblown talk about tiny differences dissuade them. It really does have a nice look to it.
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But are they really tech experts?

They are tech experts, but not devs. And sometimes between the conversation of DF Direct weekly they forgot to mention little details like 'API', custom dedicated hardware, etc...
Xbox have some problems with their API and if I remember right is a variant of Directx 12? Directx 12 don't have a good reputation on the PC departament rigth now.

In the end they are still trying to figure out why having higher specs doesn't tell the tale. There are ocasions when devs enter in contact with them to adress certain problems.
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Looks like improvements for Series consoles, I'll have to check if the VRR modes now work.

"We’ve added various optimizations to improve overall game performance, particularly on Xbox consoles—including an HFR Performance Graphics Mode for Xbox Series S, which should result in a smoother experience when enabled"
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