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Digital Foundry: System Shock Remake - PlayStation 5/ Xbox Series X/S - DF Tech Review


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?

System Shock is a legendary immersive sim and the remake work carried out by the iconic Nightdive Studios is simply exceptional. We've already reviewed the game in-depth last year based on its initial PC release but it's now finally available on last-gen and current-gen consoles. John Linneman focuses on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions of the game in this video, tackling the quality of the ports and whether the controller-based interface works well.

00:00 - Introduction
01:11 - Why You Should Care
02:11 - How Does it Play on Consoles?
03:15 - Visual Comparisons
05:12 - Weird Xbox Quirk
09:38 - It Still Sounds Awesome
10:16 - Wrap-up
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Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
- Controller support is a lot better than at launch. Works 'reasonably well'.
- Console version also supports Mouse and Keyboard, however, if need be.

- PS5 / SX: 4K with DRS at 60 FPS with only a rare hiccup from the target
- Series S version is 1800p w/ DRS. It has a little more one-off drops than PS5/SX
- Both PS5 / SX run the game at 60 FPS even when set to 120hz, no native 120hz support. The frame rate never really drops for VRR to be needed.

- DF encountered an unusual issue on Xbox where if a game is started on 120hz display, then display changed to 60hz, and the game was in a quick resume cache, it drops the frame rate to 30 FPS until rebooted. (Realistically, no one outside of DF style testers will have this kind of issue)

- PS4 / PS4 Pro both run at 1080p
- Xbox One: 966p, Xbox One S: 1080p, Xbox One X: 2160p
- All last gen versions run at 30 FPS and have DRS
- Load times are much longer on last gen versus new gen (eg 48 seconds on XBO vs 7 seconds on PS5)

- The game has options for motion blur, FoV toggles also present.

- Surround sound makes a huge difference for audio immersion
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Consolebros that don't mind a bit of jank here and there in exchange for tons of immersion and exploration really should try this one out.
That's what I was waiting to hear! People on our sister site were complaining that they hadn't done a lot since launch to optimize controls on console. Someone mentioned changing sensitivity obviously.

I don't mind jank. Not sure I'll play it soon but gonna buy today. Heard it's got a lot of challenging puzzles too


I bought a sex doll, but I keep it inflated 100% of the time and use it like a regular wife
Heard it's got a lot of challenging puzzles too
Sure it has! Both of the "thinking" kind, and the "you gotta pay attention at all times" kind. Game's super immersive, doesn't hold your hand at all and that makes it very rewarding when you manage to accomplish an objective.

Have fun!


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
Already added to gamefly queue. Hopefully they ship it in the next week or so.
I am a System Shock newbie. How is the game gameplay-wise compared to the Bioshock trilogy?
Antiquated ,and I am someone who loves old games. System shock 2 was better. The remake, of ss on pc felt clunky. The environments all blended together, it wasn't very high production values.

Then again, I only played it on steam deck, so it could be that controller support on pc version was shit at launch?
It felt janky, and not in a good way, not smooth like bioshock.


Why is his Xbox Japanese?

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