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Disgaea 7 announced for PS5, PS4, and Switch

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Disgaea 7 announced for PS5, PS4, and Switch​

Due out on January 26, 2023 in Japan.

Nippon Ichi Software has announced Disgaea 7, the latest numbered entry in its mainstay strategy RPG series, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Switch. It will launch on January 26, 2023 in Japan.

First, here is the announcement trailer:

Get the first details below.

■ Specifications
Disgaea 7
  • Title: Disgaea 7
  • Release Date: January 26, 2023 (Japan)
  • Genre: Strategy RPG
  • Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch
  • Director: Shunsuke Minowa
  • Character Design: Takehito Harada
  • Price: 6,980 yen (7,678 yen with tax)
  • Official Website: disgaea.jp
Disgaea 7
■ Introduction
Nippon Ichi Software will release Disgaea 7 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Switch on January 26, 2023 in Japan.
Disgaea is a simulation RPG series set in an over-the-top Netherworld, where demons, angels, heroes, and evil lords run amok. Since the release of the first entry in 2003, it has been favored by fans for its “game system that allows you to do anything and everything” and “infinite replayability,” and has stayed Nippon Ichi Software’s core franchise.
In Disgaea 7, the story is set in a world called the “Hinomoto Netherworld Cluster,” which is inspired by Japanese culture. Our heroes will fight through the world in order to regain their lost Bushido. Many characters designed by Takehito Harada will appear, and the Disgaea series’ signature “replayability features” and “over-the-top battle systems” have been further enhanced.
Disgaea 7
■ The Setting is a Japanese-esque Netherworld! Slash Through the Corrupt Shogunate with Your Bushido!
The Disgaea series is a simulation RPG set in an over-the-top Netherworld, where demons, angels, heroes, and evil lords run amok.
In Disgaea 7, the story is set in a world called “Hinomoto Netherworld Cluster,” which is inspired by Japanese culture. The protagonists, wandering samurai Fuji and otaku girl Piririka, will fight through the world in order to regain the impoverished Hinomoto from invaders and overthrow the Ooedo Shogunate.
On the game systems front, the series’ signature replayability features return, alongside even more over-the-top new systems. Please look forward to a completely new Disgaea experience!
—Characters can turn into giants in Disgaea 7!?
Disgaea 7
—The overwhelming exhilaration of mowing down enemies with insane damage!
Disgaea 7
“Hinomoto Netherworld Cluster”
The “Onsen Netherworld,” where hot springs spit out evil spirits instead of water; the “Sardine Netherworld,” which exists in a super-sized space sardine; the “Shikoku Netherworld,” which has a gigantic whirlpool that destroyed countless demon ships; and so on…
In a world made up of multiple unique Netherworlds, the inhabitants followed a code unlike other demons called “Bushido.”
Although that is a thing of the past. Hinomoto has changed since the arrival of the demon admiral Opener and his navy.
The demons of Hinomoto abide the laws Opener has laid down called “Hinomoto Destroy Hatto.”
“Hinomoto Destroy Hatto”
  • One: Destroy Bushido.
  • Two: Anyone who complains about their salary or taxes will be killed.
  • Three: Say “no thanks” to friendship or love.
  • Four: Please help the strong and defeat the weak.
  • Five: Fights are what make the Netherworld, so feel free to inflict violence.
…all who do not abide by these laws will be punished by the Harakiri.
Eventually, the once honored samurais disappeared from Hinomoto…
This is a story about a girl who admires Bushido, and a young man who hates Bushido, as they fight for what they believe in, in a world that forgot honor.
Disgaea 7 Disgaea 7 Disgaea 7
■ A Love-Hating Samurai and Misunderstood Otaku, Whose Encounter will Change Hinomoto
(voiced by Kaito Ishikawa)
Disgaea 7
A love-hating lone samurai.
A very “demon-like” demon who is “poor,” “loves money,” and is lazy. He is allergic to human-like expressions and has to cough up blood whenever he feels human emotions like love, friendship, and sympathy.
Piririka (voiced by Hiyori Nitta)
Disgaea 7
The super-naive Hinomoto otaku.
A young CEO of a company who comes from another Netherworld, brought up in a sheltered upbringing. She is a Hinomoto otaku, although most of her knowledge is gathered from different films and manga so it often differs from the reality of Hinomoto.
■ Friend or Foe? The Twisted Demons of the Hinomoto Netherworld
(voiced by Riona Imaizumi)
Disgaea 7
An emotionally unstable girl who claims to be Fuji’s daughter.
Wey-yasu (voiced by Takuma Terashima)
Disgaea 7
The corrupt incompetent Shogun.
Seefour (voiced by Rina Kitagawa)
Disgaea 7
The thief of chivalry and explosive maniac.
Suisen (voiced by Maki Kawase)
Disgaea 7
A humanoid weapon that sees the future.
Higan Zesshousai (voiced by Yui Kondou)
Disgaea 7
The strongest swordswoman, tired of swinging swords.
■ New Feature #1: The Rule-Breaking Simulation RPG Scales up with “Dodeka MAX”!
The Disgaea series is known for its “combat system where all things go” and “infinite character development system.” In Disgaea 7, this is further enhanced with a new rule-breaking system.
The new system “Dodeka MAX” will enlarge the characters so big that they leap out of the map! Defeat multiple enemies with a giant powerful blow, open giant treasure boxes—the “Dodeka MAXed” characters wreak havoc all around the map!
Don’t miss out on the biggest dynamic battles of the series!
—Dodeka MAX and unleash outrageous power!
Disgaea 7
—Both enemies and allies can Dodeka MAX. Experience thrilling, over-the-top battles.
Disgaea 7
—Use your mighty power to devilishly trample small enemies.
Disgaea 7
—What kind of items await inside the giant treasure chests…?
Disgaea 7
■ New Feature #2: Create Edible… Swords? Item Reincarnation
In Disgaea 7, not only characters, but items can be reincarnated to make them stronger. Make swords into gum, slipper into staffs, and so on by reincarnating them again and again. You can create swords that heal you when eaten, or staffs that boost your mobility! What kind of items will you create and who will equip them? Make the ultimate badass items from countless possibilities!
—Reincarnate items to create Beast Trance!
Disgaea 7

Disgaea 7
—The reincarnated Beast Trance has various skills not found in the standard Beast Trance!
Disgaea 7
—Reincarnate items over and over to boost damage!
Disgaea 7

Disgaea 7
■ Train Your Characters as You Wish! Enjoy the Flexibility of Character Development with “Reincarnation” and “Weapons Skills”

Reincarnate your characters to create your most badass character! “Reincarnations” will set your characters levels back to 1, but some statuses and skills you have acquired before the reincarnation will transfer, making them stronger. Use reincarnation again and again to create your most badass character, like a character who excels in both physical and magic attacks, or characters who knows every skill!
—By “reincarnating” a warrior into a mage, you can create a mage that can also fight in close combat.
Disgaea 7
—Even a powerless mage can use reincarnation and weapon skills to eclipse a warrior in close combat.
Disgaea 7
Weapon Skills
Unlock special skills by mastering weapons! All seven weapon types can unlock a powerful special weapon skill as you continue to use that weapon. A magical knight that uses fist to fight, a fighter that can snipe from a far, a truly flexible character development system awaits you!
■ Cool Fighters and Cute Mages, Even Rotten Zombies! The Most Amount of Generic Characters in the Series to Enable Your Ideal Party!
There will be 45 generic characters appearing in Disgaea 7, making it the most in series history. Create your own badass army amongst characters that has different appearances and abilities.
Disgaea 7
■ New Feature #3: First Time in the Series, Ranked Battles are In! Use Artificial Intelligence to Enjoy More Disgaea!
Set character moves with the artificial intelligence “Machine Edit” feature; “Auto Battles” for those who don’t have much time to train your characters; and “Ranked Battles” to compete against other players!
“Ranked Battles” become number one in the Japanese netherworld. An all new artificial intelligence player-versus-player mode in which you can battle against users around the country online! Shape your strategy by assessing the terrain and reading the movement patterns of your opponents. The strategies you have gathered through trial and error will lead your team to victory!
“Auto Battles” level up your characters only little work. Using an item called “Masoline,” you can command your party to fight through stages you have already cleared. Setting AIs according to the stage can let you efficiently level up your characters with less “Masoline” usage!
—Register your team and fight against players across the country. Set the best artificial intelligence according to the weekly stages.
Disgaea 7
—Highly configurable, from special moves to the order of enemy attack!
Disgaea 7
—There is also an initial artificial intelligence that is already set, so you can enjoy the feature even if you are not used to it.
Disgaea 7
—“Masoline” can be obtained by meeting certain conditions ,clearing a stage, or completing a quest.
Disgaea 7
■ The Most Content in the Series Yet and New Gameplay Elements: Please Look Forward to the Powered-Up New Disgaea!
Retaining the Disgaea flavor, Disgaea 7 has evolved with new game deepening elements. The tale of regaining Hinomoto, the hidden effects of Dodeka MAX, and unique characters that add flare to the Japan-esque world. Please stay tuned for more news to come on Disgaea 7!
Disgaea 7 Disgaea 7 Disgaea 7 Disgaea 7 Disgaea 7
■ Box Art
Disgaea 7 Disgaea 7 Disgaea 7
■ First-Print Bonus
Disgaea 7
First-print copies of Disgaea 7 include the downloadable content “Glasses Costume Set,” which lets you enjoy seven characters’ outfits with glasses, sunglasses, and visors.
■ Collector’s Box
Disgaea 7
Priced at 3,300 yen, the Collector’s Box includes the following:
  • Soundtrack CD (two discs, 34 tracks) – Includes the main theme song “Hinomoto Unlock” sung by Hiyori Nitta, ending theme “Fuji no Gaika o Hibikasete” sung by Tomo Sakurai, and featured track “Akuma Zamurai Ai no Theme” sung by Kenyu Horiuchi, plus other game background music
  • Art book (A5 size, full color, 40 pages)
  • Special box (stores both the soundtrack CD and art book)
The Collector’s Box does not include the game itself.
■ Nippon1.jp Shop Editions
Collector’s Box Set

Disgaea 7
Priced at 10,978 yen, this includes the game and the Collector’s Box contents.
Nippon1.jp Shop Limited Edition
Disgaea 7
Priced at 15,378 yen, this includes the game, the Collector’s Box contents, and a special box with an exclusive design.
Nippon1.jp Shop Premium Limited Edition
Disgaea 7
Priced at 55,000 yen, this includes the Nippon1.jp Shop Limited Edition and a folding screen (A2 size, four sides).

Source: Gematsu
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I have not played 6 yet, but I read they made 6 more casual, so I hope 7 will be more deeper again.


Considering the state of 6 on the Switch I’ll wait for reviews even though I love the series.

Still not a fan of those 3D models.


3D still looks terrible. But all the generic classes coming back and the numbers going to back 1-5 is a huge plus. Odd they choose $50 for a price when they tried to sell me 6 for $70 on PC.


You either like Disgaea or you don't.

My issue is they are too similar. But, I wouldn't say any of them are bad.
I play Disgaea since the first one and I really love this series. But 6 isn't good in my book; they removed a lot of key characters, they added inflated stats that means nothing, you lost the sense of progression of the older games by those crazy numbers and it runs badly on Switch.

I've already tried out the demo and enjoyed it, so we'll just have to agree to disagree there.
No worries there, be sure that I would had prefer to love it as well, now I want to triple dip on 5 when it goes on sale on Switch (I had the PS4 version and I purchase the Steam version since I was thinking of purchasing a Steam Deck, which I didn't). Demo was great and was expecting too much I guess.
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Yeah this 3d stuff looks pretty bad. The only one I have not played is disgaea 6 but with all of the bad things I have heard... just has me thinking that the devs have not really learned from the mistakes of the last game.... granted I do plan on picking the game up for real cheap since I love me some disgaea. Sucks that it became an autobattler.
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Yeah this 3d stuff looks pretty bad. The only one I have not played is disgaea 6 but with all of the bad things I have heard... just has me thinking that the devs have not really learned from the mistakes of the last game.... granted I do plan on picking the game up for real cheap since I love me some disgaea. Sucks that it became an autobattler.
To be fair, autobattler is optionnal. Still, I would had prefer that they offered that option when you beat the level at least once. Now, it's like there's no challenge, you just let the autobattler do its job.
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