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Disney+ Announcing New Marvel, Star Wars Movies and Shows Today (4 Hour Livestream)


High Republic series titled The Acolyte announced.

A Droid Story animated series.

Willow officially confirmed. Set decades after the first movie.
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This looks like the redemption of Star Wars, but... No matter how cool all this looks individually. I don't know if I can be bothered with that much Star Wars. It kinda feels like they want you to watch at least one episode of something Star Wars every other day for the rest of your life, lol




Gonna be like $49.99 to “rent” the movies on Disney plus probably if they go the home route

Premier Access is $29.99. And it's not a rental, it adds access to the movie to your account. The movies still come "free" to D+ like 90 days later.
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Among these Ahsoka, Rangers and the unnamed Taika Waititi movie are the ones I'm looking forward to. Rogue Squadron I'm on the fence but at least it has Patty Jenkins directing. And Visions looks to be their version of The Animatrix so that might be worth a look. The rest look okay but I'm not that hyped.

At least they didn't announce a new movie from Rian Johnson. :messenger_tongue:


No interest in any of this stuff.
Funny how AV equipment is getting better and better and I have less and less desire to watch movies and TV.


I'm so excited for all the MCU stuff.
So happy Black Widow is theatrical only.
Happy to see that Abomination and Mark Ruffalo are in She-Hulk.
Happy to see that Ms. Marvel and Monica Rameau are in Captain Marvel 2.
Happy to see Fantastic Four have a proper title.
Happy to hear Chadwick won't be replaced as Black Panther.
Happy with the trailers for Loki and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. They look amazing.
Happy with the America Chavez confirmation for Doctor Strange 2.

So excited.


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There's not much time for Maul Storys between Clone Wars and Rebels.

Maybe he and Crimson Dawn will show up in the Lando Series.
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