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Dissidia 012 [Duodecim] Final Fantasy Community |OT| The 14th cycle may be a reality.

TEAM TKG (DF-banned)

LR: Aim To Win is the code name of the team-wars' third season which, as implied by the name, strives to make them more competitive by bringing a fair share of upgrades to the table. Here are the axes of improvement that painlessly sort out the garbage of the previous seasons.
  • Simplifying teams' rules.
  • Simplifying challenges' rules.
  • Five systems to play matches with.
  • The great return of ladders.
  • Monetary prizes.
A team consists in the alliance of a minimum of two persons. Teams are no longer capped by a certain amount of players. Teams' leaders don't have any actual role other than deciding whether their team recruits or not. Players are welcome to settle challenges on their own.

Teams' threads are deemed to be sub-communities from now on, meaning that they do not have a specific topic for discussion. They can serve for more than just to arrange challenges, you can also use them to talk about whatever you want. Alternatively, you can post what would've been your team's thread's OP over at DF in this right thread. That isn't a mandatory step to register your team into this event tho.

Should you be a newcomer to the scene and interested into team-wars, you will have to find the way of recruitment on your own. Show activity, come to visit #DDFFCasual... partake into the community of Dissidia in a word, and you will eventually catch a leader's attention.
There are now five systems to play your challenges with rather than the usual counter-picking system. Note that a team is considered to be a single player, which means all kinds of decisions, be it stage-striking or counter-picking, are made by the collective and voiced by the players about to play the matches of the set. For the sake of simplicity, the five systems will be worded as if they were all meant for 1vs1, even though there is no limit on the number of participants for the challenge: they can be 1vs1, 1vs2, 1vs3, 1vs4, 2vs2, 2vs3... up to 4vs4.
  • BP = Blind-Pick
  • CL = Character-Lock
  • SCP = Stage Counter-Picking
  • CCP = Character Counter-Picking
  • WS = Winner of the previous Set
  • LS = Loser of the previous Set
  • MU = Match-Up
#1 CCP & SCP
Set 1: Ask a third party to randomize the following sequence to settle the first stage to play on.
  • 1. Dreams' End
  • 2. Crystal World
  • 3. Empyreal Paradox
  • 4. Sky Fortress Bahamut
  • 5. Top Floor
  • 6. Pandaemonium
  • 7. M.S. Prima Vista
Both players then pick their character and customize at will. A blind-pick can always be requested if a dispute arises.

Set 2: WS is allowed to ban a single stage before LS gets to select the stage to play on. LS selects a stage. WS announces his character. Only then, LS announces his character. Both players customize at will. Repeat the procedure for all following sets.​
#2 BP & SCP
Same as above, except that blind-picks are mandatory.​
#3 BP, SCP & capped MU
Same as above, except that both players have to redo the blind-pick in case the upcoming MU's value is higher than 6-4.​
#4 CL & SCP
Both players pick characters that will constitute their team for the challenge. They cannot play as any other character than those. You must provide the third-party with your line-up before randomization to prevent counter-picking to happen. Both teams will be publicly revealed only once they have been queried to the third-party. Usually played with three characters.​
#5 CL & restricted SCP
Same as above, except that your team has to be balanced by tiers. You are limited to one character for SSS to S, two for A+ and A and there is no limit below that. An example would be that you pick Prishe (S), Cloud Strife (A) and Kain Highwind (B).​
  • Official.
  • Jobs banned.
  • Infinites banned.
  • Brute Force banned.
  • Via Dolorosa banned.
  • Hacked items banned.
  • Any other form of cheating banned.
Bans in effect for the challenge are to be decided by the challenger. Alternatively, you can play using the custom rule-set Dissidia Must Die.
  • Challenge a team either in this thread or over at DissidiaForums.
  • Settle the participants.
  • Settle the format (1vs1, 2vs2, 1vs2, 2vs3, etc. and First To X).
  • Settle the system.
  • Settle the bans.
  • Play.
  • Report results either in this thread, over at DissidiaForums or by shooting me a mail at narolf@hotmail.fr.
  • Wait for me to Elo count the challenge. This process takes time and is rather boring to do, so be patient.
  • Look forward to me posting the spreadsheet over at #DDFFCasual once the update is done.
Rankings will be split into two scales this time around: teams and individual. Ladders will be the rankings' system used along with this Elo calculator. Each team and player will kick in with 1000 Elo points. Calculations will be respectively made as per according to the following.
Team A vs Team B ~> Team A won the challenge or set~> Calculation
Player A vs Player B ~> Player A won the match ~> Calculation
It also implies that players are capable to challenge their fellow team-mates for individual rankings. In the event players move to another team mid-season, they still keep their current Elo points. Final top 3 will earn monetary prizes as per according to the following formulas.
  • Prize for the 1st ~ 2*[Number of participants]$
  • Prize for the 2nd ~ 40%*[Prize for the 1st]$
  • Prize for the 3rd ~ 50%*[Prize for the 2nd]$
Both final rankings will be announced once this season's tournament is over; refer to the beginning of this post for more information. Prizes shall be offered at that time, let alone the first team's seasonal icons, which will be distributed over at DF right before the tournament starts.
  • Codestation's plugin is essential to mod DLC costumes. Not compatible with the Vita. Instructions are available over at wololo.net.
  • SkyBladeCloud's mods act as if they were official DLCs. Unzip the archive into your DLCs' folder and roll from here.
  • Ultima espio's mods act as replacements of existing models. Check out the description of this video showcasing his works for details.
  • Download the archive by clicking on the button "Download File" on the right and follow the instructions below afterwards.
  • You need a JP and a NA/EU Iso. Instructions can be found here; NA Isos do work as well, just rename yours into FFD_PAL.
  • A collection of re-masters from various J-RPGs' OSTs.
  • FF re-masters.
Not done with the franchise, it will just get rebooted should a third installment ever happens.

The Dissidia series may not necessarily be over, though. Said Nomura, "For the Dissidia series, there's the possibility of it appearing in another form. However, we feel that we've done all we can with the battle base. We had the staff work for years on one on one battles, so I'd like to let them do another genre. I feel we've done all we can with this pattern of Dissidia. However, it is exciting to see past characters revived in 3D. So, if given the chance, we'd like to do something as Dissidia. however, I don't think it will be this Dissidia."



Oct 1, 2012
Its about time Narolf :p. I can't believe DDFF have lasted for this long. Here's to many more years to come.
I thought it was fine at first, especially the stuff about the top ranked players. There was some repetition though.
Well, it's that I wanted to give some sort of tribute to the guys, and to make clear we aren't starting all of this from scratch. It's fine now that I know they have all got to see the original OP.

Thanks for the criticism. First OT here and I'm not used to GAF's BB code tools just yet. They are very different from DissidiaForums'.


May 3, 2012
Yes! Just click on Sora and follow the instructions at the bottom that have been put between italic tags under Beatrix.

I'll be revamping Resources' OP by shrinking the images. However, I won't be able to revamp Competition. That one can only be so short.
Oh shoot, the day of reckoning has come!
Does it work on vita? Probably not huh.
Oh shoot, the day of reckoning has come!
Does it work on vita? Probably not huh.

If you try to install Sora as a replacement of Cloud's DLC costume then no he won't since he requires a specific plugin to work (nploader.prx) which isn't compatible with the Vita. However, if you try to install him as a replacement of one of Cloud's original costumes (that are on the ISO) then yes he will, for the Vita is capable of reading PSP's ISOs just fine, if I recall correctly. I don't have a Vita myself.


May 3, 2012

If you try to install Sora as a replacement of Cloud's DLC costume then no he won't since he requires a specific plugin to work (nploader.prx) which isn't compatible with the Vita. However, if you try to install him as a replacement of one of Cloud's original costumes (that are on the ISO) then yes he will, for the Vita is capable of reading PSP's ISOs just fine, if I recall correctly. I don't have a Vita myself.
Ok ill replace the weird one :p

Hopefully that will work.
It's a shame we probably won't see a sequel...
We might, eventually. Already sent them the script.

Thread's tag-line aims at making clear we aren't starting from scratch, that this thread doesn't come out of nowhere as if it were an UFO of all sorts. OPs were that much bloated in the first place because I wanted to make a due tribute to a myriad of people. Four of them in particular have represented a great moral support to me in the elaboration of this thread: Kagari, Kurayami, LonelyGaruga and X-Zone.

As I've said in the OT's formalization, all bizarre/crazy thingamajigs you guys have witnessed in the recent FF/KH/SE threads were teasers for this right thread. Every single bit of media that was coated by text, every single quote that was put in italics (or not put in italics for that matter)... was a subliminal message that alluded the story behind all of this I could only speak between riddles about not to import drama.

This narration was a long-time coming. Story all started from my very steps on GAF in 2011...

...passed by my ambiguous, "bittersweet" connection with Kagari...

...to this right thread.

I should stress all this fantasy was a pure product of my own imagination. I had no accomplice or what have you, even though some people decided to jump on the bandwagon without my own accord: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=47190979&postcount=40

Guess that pretty much sums it up. If you want me to shed more light on anything that transpired bizarre or crazy, don't hesitate to ask.


Jan 11, 2012
Dude I freaking LOVE Dissidia! Definitely one of my favorites. This is a really awesome thing. I wish I had a way of playing things online.

I like to main Terra and Golbez, but I also love playing as WoL and Bartz. I freaking love Terra's SNES costume, and WoL's NES.

Magius and I used to hang on the Dissidia boards back at GameFAQs. Also, confession time, don't highlight if you don't want to ruin your opinion of me
I used to write a Dissidia fanfic. I'm told it isn't that bad.

Second confession: I actually like Dissidia's storyline. Mostly the FF1 stuff.


Aug 13, 2012
I love this series. I main Squall and my Alt's are Tidus and Gabranth. I'm really hoping for a Dissidia 3 so that we can get either Seifer or Rinoa for VIII and Red XIII or Cid for VII.

Beth Cyra

Nov 7, 2009
Dissidia was a good game.

I mained Cloud and Squall in Dissidia and dropped Squall for Vaan as a secondary in 012.

Fun fact: While I liked XIII and didn't mind Lightning, Dissidia is actually what pushed me into hating the character and it has carried on through XIII-2 and more then likely will for LR as well.

I enjoyed the story for what it was. Never got the Cloud is Emo in it though. Not like he refused to fight, and asking for a reason always kinda made sense to me instead of just running in and kicking ass over and over again but eh.
Nov 15, 2007
Cincinnati OH
I've played approximately 10 online matches and have played both the original and doudecim for a combined total of 500 hours and there is still so much I haven't even seen yet or have even played all the modes. The value is incredible. Although I feel competitive Dissidia relies more on equipment setup than skill. It's hard for newcommers because they have to first get there character maxed in level, items and skills and then farm to get the best weapons and accessories before they even have a chance. The only people that I would imagine that play now are the die hards. Then again you could play a fixed rule set and limit to certain items and enchancements but that takes out the originality of the gameplay. Truly a double edged sword.


Doesn't buy fighting games to actually play them
Jun 6, 2009
Does Adhoc party work on Vita?

Does the DLC work on vita yet?


Mar 15, 2011
Bought it from the PS Store to play on the Vita, only got through the tutorial. Really gonna have to spend some more time playing it when I get the opportunity.
Shame I can't participate in these "tournaments".
Up-coming NA tournament will have rules easy to understand to keep it simple, stupid (KISS prinple) so that you can expect quite a bit of Kujassisted fights, yeah. That being said, rest assured the next ones will have more sophisticated rules.

As mentioned in the OP, tournament will take place on the next week-end, starting on the 8th. Besides, there is yet another bit of bullshit drama tied to this, which may compromise the schedule or not. Head on over at Kagari's FF thread if you want to know more about that.


Sep 9, 2012
Glad to see more dissidia fans. I put 700 hours into the game and only had one online match. The single player is that good.

I only have it on the Vita now though so will ad-hoc party still work?


Jul 17, 2009
I don't suppose there's a good newbie/"I'm totally fucking lost help" guide out there for this game? Because the tutorials in Duodecim are garbage. I don't think the game even told me how to block/dodge.