Do you smoke weed?


Just want to get a feel of the community. What are your thoughts on marijuana? For or against legalization? Have you tried it? Would you?

I have been smoking everyday for the past 15 or so years. It helps me sleep, helps my appetite, relaxes me after work and all around makes thinks more enjoyable for me.

Yet I notice sometimes It gets me stuck in a pattern of laziness. Sometimes it helps my depression, sometimes it makes it feel worse.

I use a small water vaporizer, and smoke wax. I love the effectiveness for the cost.

If I could get really good bud in the area I'm in I would try herb again. But I find the wax more potent to me.

How bout y'all? Feel free to ask me personal questions.

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I smoke, but I do not like edibles.

They sneak up on me and punch me in the face, sometimes even introducing a bit of anxiety.

I like to roll blunts, but in NYC they raised the price from $5 to $15. Luckily I have some bodega friends.


I haven't smoked in about a year and a half, and even at that point, I was only smoking it a few times per year. I just gave up on buying from random dealers. It just started feeling too skeevy.

Plus, the older I get, the harder it becomes to find. Either my state will legalize it, or I'll move to another state where it happens to be legal. Other than that, I just don't know if I'll smoke again any time soon.


I smoke, but I do not like edibles.

They sneak up on me and punch me in the face, sometimes even introducing a bit of anxiety.
You should be only doing 20-25 mg in edibles. Anymore and that's too much. Even veterans who do it every day cannot go over that or you're gonna be come a potato.
Starting during the Dreamcast period.

Slowly became more common over the years though I don't do it to get fucked up anymore (Unless I'm going to a movie or something), so now for me it's more the equivalent of the after work beer or whatever.

It's become legal here so it's kinda "who cares" in terms of perception.

I will say it definitely intensifies laziness and fucks with certain aspects of your memory. If you already have existing issues with those, you have a very good chance of becoming a bum if you become a frequent smoker. So be careful. ;)


I kicked the habit in my early 20s. Started at 15yrs. It didn't do me any good and carrying on just felt like a bad idea. I'd experienced enough if you will.

I'm cool with decriminalisation and medicinal uses. Undecided about legalisation. Interested to see long term effects in other countries, from a health point of view.


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Never. And I don't think drugs are good for our society, but that's just me.

You say drugs, but I'd like to know where your line in the sand is? Do you base it on legality, perceived harm, or lack of medical use?

There are drugs that sit scheduled 1 that are starting to show up in research studies with positive results and potential legitimate medical use. LSD, psilocybin and MDMA are shown that in low doses to help with depression and PTSD.

Methamphetamine is similar to drugs prescribed to people with narcolepsy, obesity, and ADHD. Yet those people are not at any risk? Not even once, right?
d-amphetamine and methamphetamine produce nearly identical physiological and behavioral effects Hart et al. write. “They both increase blood pressure, pulse, euphoria, and desire to take the drug in a dose-dependent manner. Essentially, they are the same drug.” That observation helps put methamphetamine’s risks in perspective, since d-amphetamine, a.k.a. dextroamphetamine, is one of the main ingredients in Adderall, a stimulant widely prescribed for ADHD.

Compounds in cannabis have been long shown to have medical use.

LSD has zero physical health risks. No one has ever died from taking LSD (the drug itself), while alcohol dose have health risks and you can die from taking it. Yet LSD is the one that will net you jail time for simple possession.

Or do you just disagree with the recreational use of drugs?


I’ve been using since I was 16 or so, I’m 51. Marijuana is pretty much my reality, I have issues with anxiety and depression and it helps a lot more than what the doctors gave me helps. I’m ex-military, father, extremely hard working person. I hate 420 culture and the perpetuation of the slack jawed stoner, it hasn’t been my experience or the people I know. I live in Washington DC so getting it is as easy as ordering takeout. I feel like I’m healthier and have aged better than my peers, I accredit it to not crushing my body with alcohol like a lot of people do.
No, don’t smoke anything. As long as it’s legal to smoke cigarettes, you should be able to smoke weed. And weed actually has benefits with some illnesses, so I don’t understand why it’s illegal in the first place.


I'm in a weird place where I would be willing to smoke more, but my job often has me near factory equipment and if an injury were to happen (anyone's fault) one of the first things they would do is drug test me. If I came up positive, I get nothing, regardless of who's fault it is. So yeah, got nothing against it, but it's just too risky to do for me.

Also, if I want to get it legally, I'd need to drive to Colorado, which is about a six hour drive.


i'd smoke 5 blunts a day if I could afford it, I started at age 19, and always found it very beneficial to my life and studies and work.
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I am all for legalization as there is far more pros than cons.

However despite that, I am very much against personal/recreational use (whether traditional smoking, edible, or vape). I have always hated mind-altering drugs for recreational purposes (and yes, this also extends to alcohol and people drinking specifically to get drunk). My own distaste for it is something I have been trying to get over, however I still find it hard not to immediately think less of those who do recreational drugs.
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Yes, almost a daily smoker since my teens. I roll joints 100% of the time. My thoughts on marijuana are that it's relatively harmless as far as drugs go, but I would not recommend people use it until they are adults. I wish I had not smoked it as early in my life as I did.


Nope, never smoked anything . I don't mind legalization though I'd doubt it will happen any time soon here. I'd rather people smoke weed than normal cigarettes.

Joe T.

First smoked when I was a teenager playing outdoor ice hockey at a local park and someone was chillin' with it between games, but barely touched it since. I have nothing against it or anyone that smokes, just not a fan of smoking in general. I'm more an edibles guy, so hoping the province can get its supply and distribution fixed before that becomes legal next year.
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Yes smoke weed, each day.

Helps with my pains and to relax, and its a habit.

Weed should be legal (Oct 17th here in Canada) but I have no problems with making it like cigarettes so it isn't too easy for kids to get.

Like alcohol I see no issue with it in moderation. It won't turn you into a coke head or crazed killer.
I never have, but I would like to try it. Only other drug I ever had interest besides it was LSD, or maybe mushrooms.

My job does random drug testing, so I would potentially be screwed if I did though :(


Never have smoked it. Don't care to smoke it(have had a million opportunities too)
Fine for medical consumption as way worse drugs are available for medical purposes. Would rather not have it legalized for everyday use. However, if it was legalized here then I would probably still not care as long as nobody is blowing it in my face(like tobacco, punched a guy in the jaw for doing that).
I used to, but weed being federally illegal is just a shit situation. For example, I live in Washington, where marijuana is legal! But under federal law, which affects this country nation wide, it really isn't. If a neighbor smells it at an apartment, you are subject to a contract violation which get you evicted plus a fine. Something happens at work? Injury, whether self sustained or accident, drug test (random drug tests too), you lose your job. When this shit is federally legal, I'll go back to smoking every damn day, easy. It just makes life better. Weed stays in your system to long. Even a fit guy like myself, it takes about 9 days maybe more to pass a drug test coming clean.


Not since College days. Not opposed to it (much hilarity on drugs), and would like to see it decriminalised/legalised, but it just doesn't interest me all that much as something to do. To be fair I don't really drink much these days either.

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I tried it twice, but I didn't care for it much. I don't smoke cigarettes so I'm not a fan of the delivery system. I didn't particularly enjoy the effects either. I like to be at 100% mental capacity as much as I can, I don't drink that much either, just socially.


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I've tried it but I don't smoke on a regular basis. Maybe if it gets legalised and I can just buy it from some shop around the corner (and probably for a lower price) I'd smoke more often.

As for legalization I'm in favour keeping the same sort of laws and rules as alcohol and cigarettes. I don't see much of an argument against it, it's not worse than alcohol (many would argue it's better) and it has become so easy to get that most people that truly want it can get it already so they might as well do so in a way that generates taxes and legit jobs.
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