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Do you think any of Nintendo's services will survive for more than 1 gen? (eshop, virtual console, account, friends code)


The eshop has been around for a long time. Longer than just this particular generation so I think that will be here for bit longer than what we think


The thing that's really weird is that there is an underlying backend architecture behind Nintendo's stuff that seems very stable - you can still download every component of the V2.0 Wii system software that was released in November 2006 - but the user-facing stuff has all been taken down...



Nintendo treats their services like hardware, clean breaks every generation followed by rehash after rehash to get you to pay more for the same thing you’ve paid for already.

Refresh my memory on what iteration of Halo, Gears, and Forza you're on??


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We have had friend codes since the WII! But now they are tied to the user and not the console, so I think those will remain persistent. Eshop seems to be persistent now too. I bet Online and VC will be retained in the next console as well.
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