Do you watch TV and Movies anymore?

Lately I been turning off the TV, I haven't done such a thing in 2001-201?. The only shows I watch on it is the English dubs of anime that still remain.

Besides Godzilla 2014, and Rogue One (my younger sister got me in for free because she worked at the theater) me and my entire family go to the theaters anymore, the only movies that interest me is King of Monsters and HTTYD 3

What about you guys.


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I feel like TV and Movies are better now than they've ever been - we get serial stuff like Game of Thrones or Star Trek Discovery, in addition to movies with overarching plots like the MCU offerings. There are also more convenient ways than ever to buy and consume said movies and shows, from smart TVs, Netflix, and the like.
Dont watch much TV as nothing has really grabbed me since Smallville and the Buffy/Angel stuff ended. I was watching 9-1-1 since it had Angela Basset but the constant pandering got to be too much. I do catch some Netflix stuff and I enjoyed Longmire while it was on though.

My movie watching has increased though since video games are becoming more and more unappealing and I'll probably be done playing new games on Sony platforms by the middle of next year and I probably wont get a Switch until next Christmas. I wont be buying nearly as many Switch games as I did during the Wii/Wii U era either.
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I use to watch a lot of Western Animation.
But after 2011, every mainstream cartoon started looking like Adventure Time and I got bored.

Adult Swim/Teletoon at night also use to be something I tuned into. There was Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Moral Orel which I was fans of.
The last adult cartoon I really followed was Archer.
I haven't watched a movie in about 4 years. I used to buy DVDs and loved watching movies back then, but I think once my online gaming stepped up, I stopped.

My TV watching is weird. I don't watch series shows, or anything anyone else discusses. No Netflix or anything like that. I tend to watch home improvement/flipping shows, crime/detective/missing persons shows, food network, anything related to cars, and True TV.

If I have free time, it's usually with music production these days.
wife watches Bravo, so thats when ill see tv really.
im chipping away at shows on netflix.
havent been to a movie theater in years.
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I stopped watching TV since 2008. I like movies and grab news from independent sources when I can. TV started to become useless after they killed the saturday morning cartoons.

Also: Internet>TV
Blockbuster shouldn't have resisted!
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If something looks interesting I'll watch it, but I don't have a cable TV subscription, just Netflix and... other totally legitimate acquisition sources
Yes although mostly netflix and mostly TV shows.

There's only like 2 or 3 movies each year that really interest me. But every now and then some friend or family will invite me to watch something and I tag along. The last movie that I really liked was probably Blade Runner 2049
I go to the movie theaters a lot less often. Used to probably watch 10-20 movies a year in the 90's and early 2000's, I go to see maybe two or three movies a year in more recent times.

Television's a much different story, I watch more of it now than I did when I was younger. That's due to both greater quantity and quality in general. Better Call Saul, Game of Thrones, Westworld, Fargo, Mr. Robot, Narcos, Shameless, Stranger Things, Kidding, The Deuce, the occasional late night show (I miss Letterman), NHL games and way, way too much cable news (usually on in the background) because I decided to add MSNBC and Fox News to my lineup to get a firsthand look at what's feeding the partisanship in the US.
I just watch Netflix and only go to the movies once or twice a year. Saw Black Panther and Avengers 3 this year and next year will watch Avengers 4 and IT P2.

I don’t watch regular TV.
Lately mostly Netflix and Gundam blu-rays. Only thing I use my TV for otherwise is formula 1. Don't have much time going to the cinema, and tickets are just crazy expensive. I used to go to the movies once a week while I was grad student, tickets were cheaper then.
I used to go to the movies on a weekly basis when I was in Austin, Texas. I sometimes DVR stuff to watch later. I stick to finishing my backlog of DVDs, Blu-Rays and video games. Sometimes I fail at it due to work but I have been watching more movies thanks to that AMC A-List program, for what it's worth.
I only watch old and new movies on cinema. Meaning every Christmas I go visit my brother in London, a heaven for cinema lovers.

I do not watch any live-action TV series nowadays. All look the same.
Only exception are some soccer, volley or basketball matches here and there.
As for animation, things are even worse but fortunately I have many discs from worldwide animation that I watch from time to time.
Actual TV I don't watch period and the Netflix and Amazon stuff I only watch once in a great while.

I still watch new movies here and there but most of the mainstream releases are junk or stuff designed for immediate consumption, then to be forgotten. I do watch a lot of older movies as there remains tons of quality movies to discover(Or re-discover) even now.
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Cut the cable cord once gigabyte speed internets became available where I live and haven't looked back.

I do love going to a theater for certain movies though.
I still turn my TV on every day especially in the evening. I think it is important to keep up with what the masses are consuming. I've never had a streaming service subscription.
Yeah, a ton. I saw 38 movies last year (was counting through them when deciding on my top 20 list), don't know if it'll reach that number this year but I've seen plenty already. And since I get the feeling that'll blow some people's minds, keep in mind I'm a single adult with zero kids so I imagine that frees up more money/time compared to a lot of people around my age (30's).

TV shows I don't watch on any schedule or such, nowadays I normally just pick a show (live-action, anime, or cartoon) up on Blu-Ray, Netflix, Amazon Video or such and check it out. I pretty much never just turn the TV on randomly and surf channels anymore, seems like a waste of time given the wealth of options already available to me. I admit, I'm not watching a ton of shows lately since I've upped my video game time a lot these last few years. I really need to check out Westworld, American Gods, Preacher, etc. and get back into shows I fell behind on like Game of Thrones, Fargo, etc.
Cinema is awesome, love it! TV good for sport, documentaries, sometimes good journalism and reporting and the occasional movie and the local shows. Don't have or want Netflix; if I want a series or movie I'll go to the video store. If anything I've cut down on Youtube.
no cable, no dish tv or anything like that since around 2010

netflix and hulu are my go-to's.
i probably spend most of my time watching stuff on Youtube (have had an account since 2009 lol)

i watch plenty of movies/films and lots of tv series/shows.
most movies probably aren't worth watching, but i have seen all the classics/gangster films like scarface, the godfather, taxi driver, good fellas, etc ... I'm a big horror buff, i've seen all the popular ones and then some. My favorites are Halloween and The Exorcist.

tv shows ... hmm breaking bad, dexter, lost, sons of anarchy, house M.D, etc ... anything like that is good time.
i think MANY people are caught up on shows like the office, futurama, family guy, simpsons, whatever ... but i find those shows to be a headache if i try to binge watch them. Give me the house on haunted hill or black mirror and i'll watch the whole season in one sitting lol.
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Of course! There are still lot of good shows on TV, and a couple of good movies, too! I enjoy a lot of Netflix shows these days (Stranger Things, Marvel shows, The Haunting of Hill House are some of my favorites) plus some cable shows like Game of Thrones, Killing Eve, Black Mirror. Love the technology that they show on that anthology, even though it always comes to bit them in the ass in the end.
i do. i still love watching tv. i have cable with the premium channels or whatever and netflix so i think im pretty covered. i think its now the best time for tv shows and a lot of movies that dont get like big theater releases. majority of the time the smaller movies are better anyways
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Movies - yes, tv shows - much less. I have only a few (mostly long running) series I enjoy and I'm sticking with them.
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I still watch movies in the cinema from time to time... but tv shows very rarely do I watch it live, i'll watch it on catch up.

Unless it's sports, then i'll watch the highlights later, such as match of the day or F1 highlights.

Usually I stream everything else though.
I work from home so my TV is almost always on ..hell I'm watching a Nightmare on Elm St marathon right now . I could own them but something about marathons on TV that makes them special..maybe I'm just nuts..
I tend to just use netflix. So I do watch a bunch of movies and tv shows. I also go to the theater a couple of times a month. I pretty much have stopped buying movies outside of anime cause I have too many movies.
I'm not really into sports so just Netflix and Amazon for me really. I watch the local news so that's about it- everything else you can stream, including PBS shows.
2013 was the big turning point for me.

I was never a big TV watcher but I haven't watched TV since Dexter ended, I just can't get invested in another show like that again after spending years watching Dexter only for it to get so bad at the end.

Then for anything else I watched, Mythbusters ended in 2015, I fell off Tosh.0 around that time and I stopped watching Bill Maher after the election because I didn't want to simply see nothing but whining about Trump, those were the only shows I had been keeping up with, like I said, I was never a big TV watcher and now I watch literally nothing.

As for movies I went through a phase in my late teens and early 20s from about 2007 to 2012 where I was going to the theaters all the time, I saw a lot of movies in the theater that really weren't worth it and gradually got burnt out, the last straw was the one two punch of Man of Steel and Star Trek Into Darkness, two movies I hated so much that now I'm far more choosy for what movies I see in the theater and it's fairly rare now.

As for movies at home, once again I went through a phase from 2009 to 2011 where I watched a lot of movies on dvd and blu ray, I've slowed down on that althoguh I've certainly never stopped, I'll still watch a few movies every so often.

Although I am meaning to watch movies at home more often in fact.
Less watching TV, more gaming and browsing websites. TV is becoming more of a background noise when I turn it on, I really turn it on just to keep my room from being too quiet.
Movies yeah but I mostly watch tv for news nowadays. Cable is pretty boring nowadays, so many channels yet barely anything good to watch. I'm getting more entertainment from youtube alone than anything my cable tv is mostly putting out.
Used to collect DVD's, buying a ton of 2 for 1 at HMV LOL.

Don't really watch movies, would actually just rather read the wiki to get the gist of the story. I will sometimes catch a marvel movie or star wars, but its often streaming and just background not really paying attention.

TV I have a few shows that I stream but I don't have cable so I don't really watch TV.

I just don't really focus on a TV screen. Even if I am watching something its generally mutli tasking with internet, gaming, my phone, exercise , whatever. I don't really get people who go crazy for movies or that spend 100's a month on cable.
I don't really watch regular television anymore either for quite some time. Ads ruined the entire thing for me. I watch series on Netflix or find other means to see them if they aren't available there.

Last movie I've seen in the cinema was Star Wars TLJ. Sadly it was a disappointment. Haven't been there since. Not because of that movie, though. Just never came up to it.