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Does getting downvoted on reddit feel bad?


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Aug 15, 2018
Even /r/catholicism, /r/prolife and /r/slightlyrightwing are just incorrigible these days.
Ehh, I kind of agree and disagree on that. Those subreddits definitely have their problems as they generally dislike liberalism (ex. r/prolife has a lot of posts on how people are frustrated with the pro-choice side when there could be more stuff on the message of our group and a bit more positivity, r/catholicism isn't a political sub forum but many users don't seem to like self described liberals especially those who don't keep the faith)

However, they do seem a bit more tolerant than other subreddits. Dialogue is allowed and people aren't immediately demonized for their viewpoints, though you are right in that there are problems.

All of reddit is biased, though most of it is aggressive to people of faith or those who have some right wing views.