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Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze announced for WiiU


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Yes! Yes! Yes! Titanfall is no longer my game of the show! DKC:R was one of the best games of the generation.


Is that... is that a let down for everyone? Since it is Retro's new game? I mean, people were wanting more metroid right?
Made by retro?

Can't say I'm not super disappointed. Just don't like the DKC series. Ohh well :( and waiting how many years for this :(


It was underwhelming as I did not enjoy DKCR at all... but most of it was because I didn't like the atmosphere. The new baddies actually look ace, so hopefully the music for this game isn't a borefest like DKCR.

Also playable Dixie is awesome! Would have preferred Diddy & Dixie combo, but this works too.


Oh God Retro was working on this!? Ughhh!

Disappointmentton of the most extreme form :(

Ah well, I'll find solace in Bayonetta 2 *crawls away*


you speak so well
I liked DKCR so a sequel is welcome but it's incredibly disappointing that this is what Retro is working on.
Man, those are some ugly ass enemies. I almost don't mind those weak ass tikis now

Game looked crazy though and its coming this year!


It looks REALLY great (loved the rotating camera) but what a kick in the dick. As if anyone wants Retro stuck doing this game again.. sigh.


disappointed that Retro isnt working on a new franchise

pumped about a sequel to one of the best platformers in years



Very weird to have a sequel to an awesome game announced, developed by one of the greatest dev teams on the planet, and be disappointed.

I guess 2D platformers just feel like 'small' worlds, and Retro are amazing world builders.
This does look great, and Returns was one of my favourite games in recent years. I think it's just come at the wrong time. I was expecting Retro to be working on something a bit more ambitious, to be honest. Especially after seeing the new 3D Mario, which looks utterly phoned in.

I was elated at the reveal of Returns in 2010, but not so much this time. Strange.


I'm saddened by the fact that Retro is being wasted on a DKCR sequel. I really liked DKCR, but this is not what I wanted from them.


I kinda miss the style/mood from the original DKC series (especially DKC2). I liked DKCR, but I really wish the series would go back to the atmosphere from the earlier games
Best show of the Nintendo Direct. Even though I am a huge Wind Waker fan, the presentation was rather dull.

DKC however, will deliver BIG TIME. Looks so much fun!


Graphics are a huge disappointment. I can only hope this was originally developed for the Wii, because it barely looks better than DKCR.


I've never felt so simultaneously excited and disappointed...I loved the original on Wii, probably my 2nd favorite Wii game honestly...but I was really expecting Retro to be working on Metroid or a new IP or...something different.

I remember in 2011 when Retro said a sequel wasn't in the cards at the time...guess the sales of the first game turned that around.
Retro is supposed to inject Nintendo's portfolio with western games, to help fill a gaping void which Nintendo itself is unable to address.

Why are they making Retro develop platformers? EAD can do that, brilliantly I might add.


I love Donkey Kong as much as anyone but I was probably getting my hopes up to much for a Retro's next title. To many dreams of HD Metroid Prime was running though my head...


I'm okay with it. The first game (or rather, the first revival) was genuinely fantastic; I'm quite happy to get some more.
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