Dota 2 Beta Thread: [Brewmaster]

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Aw. It's kind of a standard thing though, if there's a Chen already picked Enchantress probably isn't going to make it through the second banning phase. Especially if the drafter is going to play Chen :p

It seemed you weren't very prepared for all the smoke ganks from Chen & co. and BH seemed to get more out of his solo lane than he should've gotten away with. It was a nice try though.
Oh god. Just noticed that the shadows are horrible jagged mess. Cannot unsee. Hopefully they do something about it as the game is gorgeous otherwise.

Single Draft is so cool because it forces people to pick heroes that they may not be comfortable with. Just played a game with Skeleton King and it is the definitive starting hero. Only one active ability(powerful stun) and ulti can save you from dumb deaths.
Every single game I get multiple quitters. EVERY. SINGLE. GAME.

I want to love this game, I really do.
Same thing here man.

Also Single Draft is fun to pick new interesting characters. Even though I get trashed for picking them haha.

This game needs a very distinct ranking system of some kind. I don't like ruining good players games with my mediocre-bad playstyles/experimentation, and I don't want leavers to ruin my games.

Seriously though, the Dota fanbase is one of the worst I've seen in a long time. No offense to anyone. In almost no other genre of games I've ever played have I encountered so much rage-quitting, abandonment, trash/down talking, lecturing, and strict "do this or fail" mindsets. I mean even in multiplayer first person shooters, fighting games, strategy games, whatever you pick. And its almost scary how widely accepted it is.

But still, I love the streams, the way the game plays, and everything else about it from a gameplay standpoint, to a technical or strategy standpoint.

I still am going to keep playing and try to get better, because it seems that at the very high levels of play, all these problems are minimized.
Just finished a game as Death Prophet. We were dominating for the first ~20 minutes of the game, kills were around 12-4. Then 2 of our team randomly decide to disconnect :(. We were doing so well that we still managed to get a few towers and the game didn't end until the 45 minute mark, even with it being 3 vs 5.

Really hate it when that happens.


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I just watched a match where everyone left but one under farmed Jug. He micro'd all of the heroes and got 5 kills before the game ended.

That was pretty funny.
ok so i accidentally clicked on "block all communication with party leader"
and now i cant see any messages or invites from my friend, and theres no option to fix this



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I have this problem where I go "Okay, next game I"m going to learn someone new!" and then when the game starts I look at the roster and pick lion or wr or cm.
Raped the early game as nightstalker twice this week. Both times a divine rapier comes into the mix one way or another and sends the game reeling into late game where nightstalker isn't as effective, and we steal the rapier both games for the win.

Its fun, but kind of frustrating. First time they farmed it and we stole it from their team, this time our fucking bounty hunter built it after a vlads/treads/wraith bands and gave it to a lifestealer. The other team had called gg too and were begging us to come into base and rax when the dumbass pulled that shit.

Why does this happen when I play nightstalker?
Just had a game against AM and I was OD. It felt so good to melt his face with my orb attack.

Edit: Last kill I had on him, OD said "They call me the Anti Mage Destroyer" :3
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