Dota 2 Beta Thread: [Brewmaster]

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How to counter Ursa: Get Aegis your self.

How to win game: Tank Towers till they die. If you die, don't worry, you have an ult. If you die again, don't worry, that was the entire plan anyway, you had Aegis for 9 minutes at that point. No time to die again, the ancient has exploded. Don't forget to turn Armlet back on after you die.

That was pretty fun, even if I had to PLAY THE ONLY SUPPORT EVERY SINGLE GAME. Honestly though Fate needs to change up his picks, they're super stale.

Also I have to find where Purge says that SSJ5 SAGE MODE HOKAGE KAKASHI and show it to my brother, he's the one who told me to change my name.

And thanks everyone for watching! Hope it was fun!


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Sorry for the shit Slar. Haven't been playing too much recently. My friend is real bad at the game, and I don't think he's ever played CM before. I kept telling him to buy wards, haha.

DotA 2 has been pretty low on my list since 2 of my friends vanished. Is it just me or does the game feel like, slow or something after the patch? I had that latency ini change prior, maybe that has something to do with it?
Not open for further replies.