Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle |OT2| Passing Stones

extreme z-awakened ssj3 goku is pretty wild.
His leader skill becomes an AGL god lead.
His passive goes up to 120% and now also boosts his def by 70%
His damage goes up to immense
and SA15 lol 630%?
Fully orbed his attack is 22k..

At 100% and ssj +fierce battle links active, this fucker is gonna super for 2 million, easily outdamaging ssj4 goku and most LRs lmao.

Man this means that phy kid buu's extreme z awakening could be glorious.
Freeza is gonna be wild too, but more interestingly, gogeta is probably going to turn into an all types god lead.
That's pretty dope, though not a lot of cards in that category.
Time breaker bardock is stupid strong though so I hope his card reflects that.
Also dual ss3 leads + ex ss3 goku is going to be absolutely disgusting; he'd oneshot ss4 gogeta with a single crit.
If you have any decent teq leads I'd honestly go for a super vegetto dupe, but only if it's the first dupe; sv is absolutely disgusting at sa10 and one dupe.

If your sv already has bottom right, go with gotenks.
Then definitely go for SV and be amazed at his disgusting damage output.
On my double ss4 leads team and salza/agl cooler supports, he supers for 650k, and counter crits for 500k.

Though you might want to hold of on it for now, There's a GSSR dokkanfest exclusive ticket banner coming, next to the thank you ticket banner.
Low class warrior is actually pretty dope, because it makes the raditz card a ghetto great ape lead.
+8 ki for apes is pretty dope considering they can't get ki from links or passive when they transform.
Double raditz+team bardock seems like a pretty fun, and strong, team to run.
True but it doesn't seem Kaioken goku is apart of that. Missed opportunity. Just like the Gogeta banner seems like a miss opportunity for greatness considering all the complaints it's getting.
I pulled omega shenron from the gogeta banner. My team is currently omega shenron, ssj4 gogeta, gt pan, gt trunks, and then two phy units. VB and Goku black. Was wondering if i should replace goku black with ssj gotenks who has 1 dupe no SA ups, but goku black has full SA.
That's a pretty awkward team for rotations.
omegas and gogeta will be your hardest hitters so they are a lock.
Omega however links best with goku black.
So you'd want to have your rotations be omega + black and omega + gogeta.
vb, pan and trunks being floaters, in that case you might want to have different units as floaters.

You could honestly get rid of vb in this lineup imo, if you have another good phy support unit, something like TUR ssj bardock us that, otherwise ssj gotenks is a decent sub.
You definitely don't want to get rid of black, BBB link is too good to give up.
Oh shit my luck is just amazing...gonna update this when I'm done pulling.
Went 8 steps on janemba, got:

int mai dupe
sgl ssj goten dupe
int #18 dupe
str omega 5th dupe, so rainbow time
int janemba dupe

bio broly trunks
bio broly #18

ss4 gogeta (lol)
phy cooler (lol)
str janemba (lol)
2x str cell (lol)

6x agl janemba, dunno if I'm gonna use them for SA ups because I'm low on agl medals
phy #17 that dokkans into super #17

This was a good run.
So interesting going back to older dokkan stages with these new teams.
After finally getting all of ss4 gogeta's medals, I decided to get buuhan's medals today.
Went with extreme phy and a rainbow phy omega friend; bodied him on the second turn, 3 minutes lol.
So I had some stones left I was saving, but today I just said fuck it and spent them on step 2 of the gogeta banner.
Got phy omega and str zamasu...
These banners have been almost too good for me; for teams I already had:
strong super agl
strong super type
decent mono str
decent mono phy
decent extreme type

Now I walk away with also:
strong extreme str
strong extreme phy
decent mono int
super strong fusions
super strong shadow dragons.

Every stone I get can now easily be saved for the kefla banner; even the christmas banner is gonna have some extremely good shit for me to even bother lol.
Ok, so I'm gonna guess his Passive name is a ref to his reaction after being freed from TB mind control in Heroes, and maybe the plot point being remixed for Xenoverse 2's storymode.
Managed to beat ss4 goku with a really gimmicky mono str team.
omega lead
saiyaman 2
giant form piccolo jr.
omega friend

The theme here was lowering attack, all cards here lowered enemy attack somehow cept saiyaman 2, who is just there to provide ki to saiyaman.
Pretty interesting, only supers could hurt me, and even then it only did like 60k.
I think if you can put together a team that all have lower attack on super, and you can get them to actually super every time, you could prolly beat any event no problem.
I wasted like 400 stones and didn't get either janemeba or gogeta...

I got a dupe for STR gogeta
I got phy omega with the guaranteed ticket
Got teq beerus
And a phys trunks dupe

I maxed out the agl syn that dokkans
And I got agl janemba at SA 6
Everything else was Rs literally... even when I used 50 stones on singles every pull was an R.

Im just gonna save the rest of my stones for Gotenks and Christmas
That's some bad luck.

To continue my good luck however, I did a multi on the girls banner because I kinda wanted that videl and it's discounted, and there's only girls on the banner, including caulifla and kale.
Didn't have kale yet and more cauli dupes would be great.
Got videl and kale lol.
Good to hear, figured since JP gets everything first 99% of the time, they'd have more quest missions than GLB. Also, does anyone know the actual percentage for FTP's SSJ3 Goku's 180% up passive to go off?
Should be 50%.
High chance generally means 50%, great chance means 70%.
The only exception to this is ss4 gogeta, who says he has a high chance to counter SA, but it's actually great chance to evade, or 70%.
Medium chance is 30%.
A chance/may is 10%
Rare chance is 5%

It's slightly different for stun passives, high means 40%.
Stun on SA high and great are the same 50/70%, but the rest is different as well:
a chance/may is 25%
rare chance is 20%.
Ah, now I understand it better. Good looking out.

I decided to pull on the AGL banner somehow got the new Rildo. Wondering if anyone here got some Extreme Teams builds that could make the most of this unit?
Caved and did a multi on gotenks, only because the banner is so juicy.
Got str gotenks dupe, which is ok I guess since I have him at SA10; should do work on fusions.
Also this banner has 8 featured ssrs instead of the regular 7, which actually lowers the chance of pulling a specific one; gg bandai.

Stones back on lock till kefla, or amazing christmas banner stuff.
Did 2 multis and several singles even bought sale stones to do more pulls

Only got agl Gotenks and INT vegito

3 banners in a row where most of my pulls have been nothing but trash a bunch of r(why are they still a thing) and sr cards
What in the actual fuck lol

Yeah I'm done I'll do singles every now and again but most of shit is getting saved to see what's going on for Christmas
Yeah even though the banner is pretty juicy, the rates are the lowest they have been in a while.
If you're deadset on summoning, wait till the Christmas celebration.

In other news, sa10 str basetenks does WORK on fusions, 800k at one dupe.