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MACROSS -Shooting Insight- is coming to the West on Nintendo Switch, PS5 & PS4

Earlier this year, we said that 2024 would be full of surprises and we meant it! Today, we are proud to announce that we are bringing MACROSS -Shooting Insight- to North American and European Nintendo Switch, PS5 and PS4 consoles both digitally and physically later this year.


MACROSS -Shooting Insight- is the latest video game adaptation of legendary anime franchise MACROSS and the first MACROSS video game to officially come out on Western consoles.

MACROSS -Shooting Insight- is a Multi-Dimensional Shooting Game developed by renowned Japanese studio Kaminari Games (Raiden V Director’s Cut). In addition to its digital release, MACROSS -Shooting Insight- will also receive both ESRB and PEGI-rated physical Nintendo Switch, PS5 and PS4 versions. But before we can tell you more about those, here is some information about the game itself.

MACROSS -Shooting Insight- is an all-new MACROSS game, the latest entry in the landmark science fiction franchise! When multiple dimensional folds suddenly occur across space-time, pilots and songstresses alike find themselves inexplicably transported to the Battle 7! From there, six stories unfold with the fate of the galaxy at stake.
Pilots, songstresses, and characters from five MACROSS series (MACROSS Plus, MACROSS Zero, MACROSS 7, MACROSS Frontier & MACROSS Delta) take center stage in a completely original story. MACROSS -Shooting Insight- includes fan-favorite songs from all featured MACROSS series! Use the power of songs to gain an edge in battle! Synchronize with songstresses while playing stages to activate a variety of buffs and debuffs, such as increased firepower, increased maneuverability, reduced enemy fire speed, etc.

Experience a Multi-Dimensional Shooting Game featuring pilots and songstresses that have come together across time! Play as pilots from different time periods and go through stages made up of multiple scenes, with each scene featuring distinct game types that utilize the different modes of each pilot’s Valkyrie. Stages include multiple game styles, such as horizontally scrolling shooting, vertically scrolling shooting, and 360-degree scrolling shooting.
To summarize, here is what you will get when you play MACROSS -Shooting Insight-:
  • Brand new and original story
  • Characters from 5 different MACROSS anime series
  • Multiple gameplay styles in each level (horizontally scrolling shooting, vertically scrolling shooting, and 360-degree scrolling shooting)
  • Fan-favorite songs from all featured MACROSS series
  • Japanese dub
  • English localization
We have many more exciting announcements to make regarding MACROSS -Shooting Insight-! Additional details, such as release date, special editions, retail prices and pre-order window for both digital and physical versions will be shared at a later date. Follow Red Art Games on social media to stay up to date with MACROSS -Shooting Insight- news!
It looks interesting. OP it is also coming to PC. I might pick it up for Steam if it turns out to be halfway decent.

Here is a link to wishlist on Steam

Afaik there's no EN version confirmed for Steam and the one you linked is the Japanese only release.

Edit: Looks like the Steam version has been delayed so maybe once it releases they'll also add the EN localization. :lollipop_pensive:

Apology and notice regarding delay in distribution of the Steam version of "Macross -Shooting Insight-"

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of our products.
``Macross -Shooting Insight-'', which is scheduled to start distribution on Steam from March 14, 2024, has been postponed due to some operational issues.
There is no impact on the release of the packaged version or download version for Nintendo Switch/PlayStation4/PlayStation5.

As soon as we have a plan for the start of distribution, we will promptly notify you on the "Macross -Shooting Insight-" official website and official X account.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to everyone who has been looking forward to this product.

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That is weird. I wonder what's up with that. It makes no sense not to use the same English translation on all versions. Unless there's some weird licensing issue with the translation company going on here.
I've edited my post after you've replied, maybe it's related to the delay for the Steam version.

I've also seen this mentioned in the Gematsu article they've published earlier today before the JP Steam release got delayed:
In Japan, MACROSS: Shooting Insight is due out for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via Steam on March 14. The PC version will be available worldwide, but only support Japanese at launch.
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I've seen the anime, but never played a Macross game. What's the gameplay like?

Depend on the era,
back in 80-90 shootemups
Nes and Snes one is cool horizontal shooter, psx for some is the best. Arcade 90s like vertical shmups

End of 90s pseudo ace combat sim but lighter, also my fave despite low tech : vfx mission

00-12(?) Mostly like gundam, but better and with real 3D 360 degrees space/sky/ground combat missions, best era. My fave is triangle frontier, spent so much time there.
Also there is one game plays like FPS, but in US mode, Robotech. Still fine but might not good for some, in ps2.

Delta era, which i never interested with

And seems they combine snes and arcade, hori and tate mode.
I like shmups, but when are we ever going to get full fledged game in this series like Robotech Battlecry? Nothing has come close. Or just remake that one and modernize it so the escort missions aren't so painful.


I like Macross, but I am not a fan of this kind of game. The games Artdink used to make were good, most recently Macross 30 back in 2013. Too bad they don't make them any more.
I can't stand shmups. Why can't they just give us a good Robotech/Macross jrpg? That world has so much wealth of characters, and an action, traditional turn-base, or strategic rpg is all I want. Not this.


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Dynamite whew.

I can't stand shmups. Why can't they just give us a good Robotech/Macross jrpg? That world has so much wealth of characters, and an action, traditional turn-base, or strategic rpg is all I want. Not this.
Super Robot Wars has tons of Macross. The issue is you will never find Macross on an officially English translated game.


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I already played it a little, from the little I know is that the controls are strange, but it is a game similar to Dead Nation on PS3, with Shump in some scenes, I will play a little more, but the figures of the characters are too small ...


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