Dragon Quest Swords: Played it! Videotaped it!

Videos up:



EDIT: Third, longer video (actually the first, chronologically): http://gamevideos.com/video/id/7257

EDIT: Fourth video -- battle with the boss on the "Hard" difficulty demo: http://gamevideos.com/video/id/7277

We were literally the first people in the entire convention to play the game. Played all the way through both demos, too! (Most people after us were only allowed to choose one.)

And some quick impressions:


Much like the standalone Kenshin Dragon Quest game that was sold in Japan a few years back (a standalone game system using a sword that would plug in to a TV set), DQS is essentially an on-rails first-person slasher. You move forward by pressing the A or B buttons and you interact with objects by shaking the pointer at them (for example, pointing at a bush and shaking the Wiimote might result in an item popping out). No turning or strafing -- if you come to a fork in the road, arrows pop up showing you the available paths you can take, which you then choose by pointing and pressing A. It's a bit disappointing that DQS doesn't allow for more freedom of movement, but the beautiful graphics and charming atmosphere definitely help to lessen the pain.
Well, there it goes fluttering away. Ah well. Good impressions, btw.
The Black Brad Pitt said:
on rails slasher?

Well, it's based on the Kenshin Dragon Quest plug&play game which is also a on-rails slasher type thing. I expected a LITTLE more besides better graphics and waggle implementation, of course, but I imagine this is very early.
yeah.. thats not gonna cut it : ( too bad. I didn't really know enough about this game and I was kind of looking forward to it. But a rail slasher I can do without.
Impressions are pretty good. I thought this wasn't going to be very good because the only screens we have of this games are 'meh'.

Edit: I just watched the videos, this looks incredibly fun. :D


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uh... did any of you watch how DQkenshin played? this is exactly the same just with better graphics, probably longer game. I dont know what you people were expecting here.
Is there anymore info on this game? Is this just one big long on-rail thing where the only thing you can do is kill stuff with your sword? Are there towns you can visit and get equipment and do some fun stuff? Does this have a story? If so I'm definately getting this. This looks really awesome. And it's a one-hand game, to boot.

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The on rails aspect and the fact that you can interact with some objects makes it sound a bit like Pokemon snap. I'll remain cautiously optimistic.

I have't seen the vids yet though and I won't be able to until I get home.

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Amir0x said:
Well, it's based on the Kenshin Dragon Quest plug&play game which is also a on-rails slasher type thing. I expected a LITTLE more besides better graphics and waggle implementation, of course, but I imagine this is very early.
I suppose the devs think this is type of thing waggle fans will eat up for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Uh well, that was just what I was expecting. Quite okay. There may be some tactics once you have different Moves/Magic/Blocks etc.

"Relaxing RPG" eh? :]


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Benadryl Hitman said:
I didn't watch the video, but is it on rails like Killer7? I had no problem with that. Or is it House of the Dead type of rails?
like house of the dead.
Well, not bad, I don't like on-rails but it looks good and should keep interest for 10h or so that I expect it to last.

Interesting DQ spinoff, good SE decision to try to build some success from DQ Kenshin and Wii.
MarkMacD said:
Even better DQ:S vids coming, one really long one. Not a huge DQ nut, but this one looks fun to me, esp. if it has some more RPG aspects to it....

BTW, Nintendo World channel where all vids will be showing up in the next few hours:
http://gamevideos.com/video/channel/Nintendo World 2006
Do you just upload all the video you have all at once? I've noticed the RSS feed always shows everything to be uploaded at the same time, always "12:00AM". It's probably just something you didn't configure :)


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The battle with the brick golem looks more interesting, with the blocking and all. I can imagine this getting very repetitive though. Plus there's no exploration. I suppose it's more of an arcade-like game, and would last just a couple of hours no? Are there any other modes? Multiplayer?
Alright then, this boils down to the combat. How good is it?

Edit: Just watched the vids. Combat seems pretty simple. Reminds me of that 'Mazan' arcade game i used to love a while ago.

Probably will get it in the end.
In my attempt to watch the boss video, I stumbled upon a PS3 ad featuring a baby doll.

My reaction was: o_0

What on earth is Sony's marketing team smoking?

That aside, the boss fight looked great, if, once again, rather simplistic.
Damn, that combat looks crazy repetitive. The fight against the Golem was kinda cool, though even that dragged too long, and the player just had to keep doing the same block then attack combo over and over and over. Even that super move attack looks like it'll get to be a chore to do repeatedly. The forward/backward movement only seriously sucks too, and will really limit this game. I thought someone mentioned in that other thread that it was going to be free roaming? And was that a scorecard at the end of that level? Is the game a cohesive world (not necessarily streamed or anything), or just schmup-esque level chunks with a boss at the end of each?

Anyways, I'm going to have to agree with most in this threa, anticipation has really died on this one. It's much more similar to Kenshin than I thought it would be, especially after all those comments in that Famitsu scan thread.