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Dragon's Dogma Online revealed - PS3/PS4/PC, MMO-ish, F2P, 4-player parties


He touched the black heart of a mod
Deep Down didn't even have free jumping, from what I could tell from all the footage I saw. Can you imagine Dragon's Dogma without being able to jump?


Wasnt one of the insiders here saying DD2 was supposed to show up at PSX? Maybe it is this, but i doubt it. Probably a remake.


Ono's tweet

Yoshinori Ono @Yoshi_OnoChin · 50s 50 seconds ago
はい。鋭意制作中です。続報はお待ち下さい。 RT @daysonparadise @famitsu Deep Downはどうなったんですか!?

Someone asked "what happened to Deep Down?" and Ono responded that they are working hard on it and wait for news update.

So I assume this is not Deep Down changing it's name.


It has a different name, for starters.

Deep Down doesn't even look that great. I'm not sure why anyone who's olayed Dragon's Dogma would as hellbent for Deep Down to be a sequel to it as some folks on GAF are. That game is an F2P cash grab they can't even get off the shelf.

I'm not hellbent on linking the two, I'm just very aware of Capcom's shortcuts and rehashes. I hope very much that this is them redoubling their efforts on one of their best new IPs, but I'm not going to be surprised at disappointment.


はい。鋭意制作中です。続報はお待ち下さい。 RT @daysonparadise @famitsu Deep Downはどうなったんですか!?

Ono just posted this. What does it mean ?



im pretty sure Deep Down is the project code name.

I feel like the case you're making hasn't been valid for a calendar year. It's not like it's the PS4 reveal where all we have are what seems like a code name for a game with guys in armor and dragons. We know the premise and basic gameplay structure of Deep Down and it's distinct from Dragon's Dogma.


Everything has already been covered. However if anyone wanted it here is my rough and quick translation.

Dragon's Dogma becomes an online only title! Take down massive beasts with your friends.

The open world action game was released in 2012 by Capcom. The reborn Chosen, whose heart was stolen by a dragon, embarks on a grand adventure across Gransys. Then in 2013 the additional content Dark Arisen was released to expand and add new elements to the title.

 Now in January the 29th’s Famitsu the new Dragon’s Dogma Online will be announced! As an online game you will be able to enjoy the action with your friends. In the article we will detail the available platforms and information relating to the story and multiplayer systems. There will also be interviews with the developers and more. Join us for this 18 page blow-out.
So very close to awesome here

Please be awesome

I will be pissed if I can't wall run off a steep cliff and double jump onto a flying griffins back though
The up side is just way way too big to not get excited about this a little. :)

I'm trying not to get too hyped, but I just can't help it.

You know how this ends already.

I've skipped straight to stage 5 - Acceptance.

You have to believe! I have faith that Capcom wouldn't have a massive magazine spread for an MMO.

Then again....

No, Capcom will deliver this time. They will deliver


If no offline, it's is a huge mistake imo

edit :
after reading thread interpretations :


Ha, nice catch. Dont Souls games support up to five players? I know they're largely unlike DD, just checking the stat.

Not exactly. Souls games generally support 3 players (host + 2 summoned support) when it comes to co-op. It doesn't make sense to count invaders.
I'm pretty damn excited right now. It's finally happening. I still can't believe it.

Now all Capcom have to do is announce a new Asura's Wrath and I'll never, ever say a bad thing about them wver again.

You still won't believe it when it's confirmed that we can play with 4 other players. :3

Asura is dead.


He touched the black heart of a mod
So does that mean millions of arisen are going to be skulking around? Guess I'm no longer a special snowflake :/

Maybe you'd play as your pawn when you join someone in Co-op? As it is, there are already a ton of Arisen out there, borrowing pawns left and right. You just never see them.

Playable pawn with Give Useful Advice as a skill, please
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