E3 2007 Bingo game

Saw this on Angry Gamer, figured it was worth a laugh. Basically they want to get people to print it out and play it at the show....
Angry Gamer is going to E3. HA! Sure, we had to sneak in by posing as Reggie Fils-Aime's hairdresser, but we're prepared to make sacrifices in order to keep the world informed. So look forward to some great, unauthorised, non PR-agency approved coverage of the once-great event in a few short weeks.

Holy crap, it basically starts in a week and a half! Let's play another round of E3 Bingo! Last year's game was so much fun we decided to do it again this year. Basically all you need to do is print this out, carry it around with you at E3 (or, if your invite was lost in the mail, at home while reading NeoGAF all day) and cross the items out as you see them. The first one to cross all five items in a horizontal or vertical row wins!

Wins what, I haven't figured out yet, but what the hell. Have fun! And let us know how you go!

For reference here's last year's bingo sheet, and their results. I kind of think last year's version was funnier, but oh well.