E3 2015 | GIF & WEBM Thread


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Welcome to E3 2015 | GIF & WEBM Thread, where you can post the hype.

It's that time of year again for NeoGAF to get hyped for E3, so this thread is here to help you. When people are anticipating for arrival of E3, that's when the best moment are going to happen with the newly made GIFs, memes, and WebMs that are filled with Pre-E3 hype.

The thread is made month early because it would allow people to post their creations well in advance. Since there are so many pre-E3 threads, many people would find it difficult to find the GIFs and WebMs so this thread would make it easier for people to keep track of GIFs and WebMs. We always know that people would appreciate the amazing works.

Also I would like to mention that E3 memes and standby images are allowed.

1. Please don't quote the gifs. If you want to comment on the works then please remove the codes.
2. Please don't repost the same images frequently

Here are couple of brand new E3 GIFS for y'all to get hyped.

By dutchslayer

Message for Mod: for last two years I always made thread a month before E3 so I'm going to keep the traditional once again. Please forgive me!


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45 days - Nintendo Vs. Capcom
44 days - Battletoads
43 days - Fuse 2
42 days - Mother 3
41 days - EA Sports
40 days - Gravity Rush 2
39 days - Yoshi's Woolly World
38 days - Destiny: Expansion (Comet, etc)
37 days - Watch Dog 2
36 days - Rainbow Six: Siege
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Y'all, it says right in the OP - please don't quote the gifs. (three damn yoda repeats already...) We are gonna have PAGES of the same damn gif over and over at this rate :/

Also, subbed.
I expect nothing, and I still plan on being disappointed.
I'm not a gif creator myself, but I do appreciate the work you guys and gals put in. Really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with this year.

Made by someone in the Nintendo World Championship/Digital Event announcement thread.
Love it. I expect that will be posted in literally every conference thread.

I'm pretty sure the whole video was designed to be gif fodder.

EDIT: Not seen any gifs yet, but here's the picture that appeared on Destructoid which might come in handy for visualising Nintendo's E3 strategy this year.



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I was wondering when this thread would pop up. :)

I'll see what I can craft. I did this earlier for the Nintendo's E3 plans - May 13 at 9 AM PT thread, but it's nothing special: