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Has anyone had any luck playing the live streams via a YouTube TV setup? I've tried on my Nvidia Shield and PS4 but both come up with "an error occurred". I've got it working by casting from my phone, but whenever I pause it catches up to live on resume. Small thing but bloody annoying, especially as it happens with a whole bunch of streams (gameslice, Giant bomb and IGN at least).
Sorry I don't know my way around how E3 works and I'm sure someone's asked it but...

when will possible FROM games be announced? How does this work, in the Sony conference?
Probably to get some info out to the viewers who are going to leave after one hour to watch the NBA Finals.

So by doing it an hour earlier... they can have them for one hour at least...instead of nothing (if they started at the same time)

The orginal schedule had both events starting at the same time.


gave away the keys to the kingdom.
The PC Gaming show will also be streamed on Steam. The link doesn't lead anywhere at the moment, but an incomplete version of the page was up for a while earlier and featured an image telling people to tune in at 10am PT.

Edit: It's back up now.
This, it said 2am UK before, now 1am.

also it said 2am UK on 12/06/2017 which was this morning. i brought my 15yr old nephew from another town to my house to watch this with him. and he had a exam at 9am this morning(though he still would have been up at that time anyway, and he says you dont revise for english exams)

before i checked neogaf i just googled sony e3 2017 time and i got tuesday morning(which was the correct time) I saw the gaf thread and thought i would check the table which said monday morning at 2am so i trusted gaf.

guess it wasnt meant to be. we all make mistakes but just a bit dissapointed that greatest gaming site gaf goofed up :)
Rösti;240015550 said:
Pre-show starts 05:00 PM PT. Actual press conference starts 06:00 PM PT.
It's just weird that all the other conferences in the table didn't have a preshow taken into account. 1:00 would have been so much better than 2:00 :(
A question to those who have gone to E3 before... Should I take a backpack tomorrow to the exhibit for swag (is it even allowed?)?

I plan to be there for a like 4-5 hours at least.
Hey OP you should update your post with the ubisoft extranet credentials
USERNAME: ubisoft_uk or ubisoft_row

hey anyone know what the E3 deals are for US? amazon,bestbuy,walmart?

I'm canadian and know how to figure all that info out but i cant figure the US equivalent(its for a friend).