E3 2017 Summary Thread

So far my biggest take away from this E3, as someone waiting on a Switch until around next Summer, is that, this year, my fall and winter will be pretty lean for new game purchases. However, in "early 2018" my wallet will be used and abused.

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So after going through everything the future holds most promise in:

Beyond Good and Evil
God of War
Destiny 2
Monster Hunter World

Some good stuff coming in the future :)

Anthem and bg&e are the biggest things shown we didn't know about this year.
This might be lame but....on a very small note, I was actually hoping they'd (Nintendo) at least announce more New 2DS Colors lol...you guys think they will in the future?
What's the deal with FromSoft? I was expecting to see something during Sony's conference, but I haven't heard anything at all. Is it safe to say that we won't see anything from FromSoft at this point?
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Just want to point out that Playerunknown's Battlegrounds won't be XBOX exclusive after all... it's coming to PS4 as well, i read an interview yesterday... should i look for the link?