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EA Sports UFC releasing June 17th, Bruce Lee as pre-order bonus


Edit: 5-14-14
New Video:
EA SPORTS UFC Gameplay Series - Be Bruce Lee

Official cover was released an hour ago.



Terrible cover art, but i'm still getting the game day one. And Bruce Lee as a pre order bonus? That is amazing lol.


That's pretty funny considering all the damn arguments about how well (or not well) Bruce Lee would've done in UFC.


This is leaked info, he'll be officially confirmed by EA later on today (timer says 6 hours), hopefully we will have a screenshot then. They have been building up to the announcement a bit, so on their site you will atleast be able to see his face later tonight. He is available in 4 weight classes.



Oh I remember now, checked his wiki, I must have missed the 2 fox shows he did in 2012 so only remember him from 165 where he lost to Jones.

I don't really care as much as I used to about UFC to be honest though, all my fav fighters are gone. I'm barely paying much attention to it anymore.


Well that's just complete BS. You don't know who that is but you watch every UFC PPV?. Yeah......OK.

He's only been on one PPV in the past 3 years. So..yeah.

I just watch the fights these days, and nothing else. So if they mention him 24/7 in interviews/promos I would miss that.
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