Elder Scrolls Online Game Informer Details

I was prepared to give this the benefit of the doubt, but this sounds awful. After giving up on Rift and ToR, I've had it with WoW clones. Either give me something new, or GTFO.

I own every ES game (multiple versions of the last 3), but this has "abortion" written all over it.

"Hey guys. We know you love the ES games and everything about them. So how about we take that universe, and shoehorn it into a WoW clone!". Is that the sales pitch? I mean, Jesus Christ.
You're right but...I don't know. Still a little worrisome. I remember being totally sure of Warcraft IV despite World of Warcraft...

Though I don't know if this would be able to take off like WoW did, so maybe I'm just paranoid.
This isn't going to be even fractionally as successful as WoW...you have nothing to worry about.
Well, I guess that is the nail in the coffin of why I will not be getting this game. I already never planned on playing an Elder Scrolls MMO ever since the rumors have been floating around, but those details sound terrible. There is no first person, no real time combat, no ability to become a werewolf or vampire, etc. What the hell is the point of making an Elder Scrolls game if it is only set in the Elder Scrolls universe?

Luckily, this shouldn't affect the main Elder Scrolls line too much (at least I don't think). I would have much rather had a Elder Scrolls game in the style of what New Vegas was to Fallout 3. I would have been jumping for joy if they did that.
f2p or bust like Rift and ToR and everything else that isn't WoW...

So sad they are spending so much time and effort on something nobody really wants...
I've never been interested in the gameplay of TES, but more of the world it's in. If I can travel all of Tamriel, then they have themselves a buyer. If not, nothing about this sounds remotely interesting.
I'm not an MMO fan and have never played one, but because I like TES, I figured I would wait until info on the game came out to pass judgement.
Everything about this sounds terrible though.
If it fails (it's not WoW, so when it fails), hopefully it goes quick, so we can all forget it ever happened.
If it's in the past, I'm okay with it, as I really don't want to see the interesting political situation Skyrim set up being developed in a MMO.

Actually, being in the past makes everything all right, is it the 2nd Era, before the unification of Tamriel by Tiber Septim? Interesting time.
And after 5 years of dev time, no gameplay videos? I'm aware GI gets the exclusive to show it off, so hopefully they have something to show soon. I guess E3 at the earliest.


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So this sounds like a bog standard MMO set in a the elder scrolls world as opposed to an actual elder scrolls MMO.

How completely and utterly uninteresting.
It'll be interesting to see the connected provinces as one world, but I'm kinda done with MMO style gameplay. I've been a huge Elder Scrolls fan since Daggerfall, but so far this is very "meh".
I will play if it's F2P or just a one time purchase like GW. Otherwise NOOOPE.

I like SWTOR, but not enough to pay monthly for it especially after buying the Digital Collector's Edition.
My guess is Zenimax feels they have enough pull to ask for subscription money, but they will probably have a backup plan to turn it into F2P down the line. (I feel the same way about SWTOR). F2P I'm sure everyone would at least give it a try.

What does this even mean
Click on ability bars, wait a second for your character to animate :p
My guess is Zenimax feels they have enough pull to ask for subscription money, but they will probably have a backup plan to turn it into F2P down the line. (I feel the same way about SWTOR). F2P I'm sure everyone would at least give it a try.

Click on ability bars.
Yeah. That's how I feel about ToR. I want to play it, but not for monthly fees. And what is so terrible about the Hero Engine?
The only possible way I could have bothered checking out this game was if it was like a regular ES game but online... no real time combat and 3rd person just killed it.


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I really don't like the idea of tying races to specific factions. Sure, tie maybe one or two, but just lumping a random group of 3 races, adding the word "alliance" and calling it a day doesn't cut it for me. Why can't I be an imperial against Mannimarco lol? This honestly takes away from the whole "Elder Scrolls" make your own character/choices feel. I guess from a gameplay perspective it might make sense as you want each faction to have a visual distinction.

Also will have to see more of the combat, from what they described I'm not really liking it... Makes it seem like there will be massive overlap between classes and almost a Dota-like system of fighting -_-.

Bet they are skimping on vampires/werewolves/dragons, etc... for expansion pack material, another thing that defines Elder Scrolls for me cut out.
The 100 vs. 100 pvp siege stuff sounds cool, but I've yet to ever be interested in an MMO. It does sound interesting but the Heroic engine always looks so bland and boring in every SWTOR video I've watched. Even though I'm a big Skyrim fan I'll probably pass unless it goes F2P.
I don't know how the lore is going to work 1000 years in the past.

I was under the impression a lot of the familiar towns in the Elder scrolls were only a few hundred years old at the max, a few (like Winterhold) are older, but the vast majority are newish.

I certainly didn't think Riften is 1000 years old.
"This time, saving the world from the awakening of ancient evil is only the beginning. What happens when hundreds or thousands of prophesied heroes all think that they should be Emperor?"
Why was this even necessary? All you needed to say was "This is Tamriel, you live here, go have adventures!"
Bethesda's gameplay is pretty bad as well, but huge, detailed, sandbox worlds and mods are why I play the Elder Scrolls series. MMO-style basically kills that.

I can't wait to see what excuse/lore they come up when Cyrodiil still isn't a jungle.

Yeah... I don't play MMOs on principle. I'll only pay for a game once at the beginning, and I don't like interacting with other humans in my RPGs. I'm in it for the story and when the story's done, I'm out. I hope poor performance doesn't discourage their forthcoming next gen Black Marsh masterpiece.


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The Elder Scrolls is probably my favorite game franchise. Seeing the series churning out what seems to be another generic fantasy MMO alike to World of Warcraft or Rift is disappointing, to say the least. However, I'll be playing it as soon as I can get my hands on an adequate computer. Though I don't prefer MMOs, I would jump at any chance to discover the new lore and experience ancient Tamriel first-hand.

There are too many mmos focused on running around killing stuff with cooldowns "just cuz". when are they going to go back to the aspect of living in a world and killing stuff "if you want" rather than making it the whole purpose of the game? Elder scrolls was suited to this as it drew inspiration from ultima. But no, we get this shit again.
Sounds like another shitty amusement park, when Tamriel could have made a great sandbox. And class based? What a letdown. At least we got the horrible news quickly, so I only had to waste a few hours on the pointless hope that this could be good! Yay!