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Epic turned down $147m deal to put Fortnite on Google Play


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Day three of the Epic vs Google antitrust trial offered insight into a previous dispute between the two companies regarding the initial launch of Fortnite on Google Play – including a $147 million deal proposed by Google.

A document justifying the deal show showed Google's estimates that Fortnite's absence from the Play store could result in between $130 million and $250 million direct revenue loss for the marketplace.

The same document suggested a potential "downstream impact" of between $550 million and $3.6 billion in revenue loss "if broad contagion to other developers," i.e. other studios followed Epic's lead and began offering Android games solely as direct downloads.


Nice lowball by Google. They'll recoup the money in less than year from their 30% cut on in-app purchases/mtx.
I'm not sure what the cost periods are but it seems generous. $147M just to put the game on Play store without any exclusivity, plus Epic would be getting whatever they make from the exposure. Google was forecasting a $130 million and $250 million direct revenue loss but it doesn't mention the period. I assume it's the same 3 year period as the $147M offer.
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