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Ever had "post-game depression"?


Just had this with Tales from the Borderlands, expected to get next to nothing out of the game and it ended up blowing me away. Now everything else just seems kinda crappy. :/

I should really get around to finishing Persona 5 but I keep trying to force myself through ME:A first.
First time I had that feeling was Final Fantasy VII. The entire game was my cure for depression and helped me a lot, it was my own personal world I could get lost in and be immersed. After beating the game I felt very empty and no other game could give me that feeling again.
Recently, I would say BOTW. Honestly this happens with almost every game I play that is excellent. I know a game is fucking good, when I start dreaming about playing it.

I always get sad, when I know I'm close to finishing it.

RE7, Horizon, Nioh, and BOTW are the only games this year so far, to have that effect.
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