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Every FIFA game has been delisted from digital storefronts ahead of EA FC 24 launch

Just two days ahead of the first EA FC 24 title launching, it appears that Electronic Arts has cleared all previous FIFA games from digital storefronts.

Just a few days ago you could log into any console’s digital store and find more than a handful of FIFA titles floating around at various price points. Now, searching for arguably the most popular franchise in gaming will get you almost nowhere.

On Xbox and PlayStation stores you can still see things like FIFA Points that players would use in the Ultimate Team game mode available for purchase. On the Nintendo Switch, however, you will only see free commentary downloads, while Steam doesn’t have anything listed for previous FIFA titles—though it also had fewer released on the platform overall.
EA has not openly acknowledged these massive delistings which make it impossible to purchase even the most recent FIFA title, FIFA 23. The last FIFA game still has over 30,000 average daily players on Steam alone, according to Steam Charts.

It isn’t uncommon to see older sports games, specifically from EA, delisted after a number of newer versions have been released. For example, Madden NFL 20 is no longer available digitally, but you can still get Madden 21 through 24 on PlayStation and Xbox, although Steam only offers Madden 22 and up.
It is likely that EA opting to not renew its license with FIFA and rebrand its mega-title to EA Sports FC starting this year also came with the caveat that the company can no longer actively sell even some newer FIFA titles. The fact that FIFA 22 and 23 both still have microtransactions for Ultimate Team available raises some questions about that, however.


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Just as a side query, is the PC version of this new FC 24 game using the same code as the PS5/XS versions? Last time I read about FIFA, the PC version was always using an older version of the game engine.


Just as a side query, is the PC version of this new FC 24 game using the same code as the PS5/XS versions? Last time I read about FIFA, the PC version was always using an older version of the game engine.
Yea it is on par now, it has been for at least the last 2 years

On topic, this is purely because of the FIFA license being up, hence why its now called EAFC, FIFA wanted a small fortune to license their name in spite of the fact that it was the game that made FIFA as much of a brand it is now
Apparently EA has also begun recalling all unsold FIFA 23 copies from retailers.

Edit: Seems the reddit user deleted their comment so the thing about the recall is most likely untrue.
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Did they announce it earlier?

The biggest problem of delistings isn't delisting itself but the fact that it's often done without giving prior notice.

I can’t imagine there’s still anyone out there who was saving up to buy FIFA 18.

This is a new slimy LOW for videogame companies. Holy shit what is wrong with Sony and Microsoft to even allow this shit?

Bruh, why do you consistently make up shit to be outraged at? Games and apps get delisted off every mobile, console or PC platform all the time. Why do you think platforms have to sell stuff in perpetuity?

If you own these games, you can download and play. But you won’t be able to buy old FIFA games since EA doesn’t have the license anymore. What in the world is controversial about this?

EA literally lost the FIFA license, this is the result LMAO

And people want a future where you don't buy games anymore, only subscribe to them

And yet they’ve kept the past two FIFA games on subscription platforms even when You can’t buy these game digitally anymore.


so dumb...fc 2024 is not even better than efootball 2024...the only advantage it has over it is the licences and content but in terms of gameplay, it doesnt even hold a candle to efootball 2024 and lets not even mention pes 2023 modded with cameras, commentary, faces, teams, stadiums, etc. thank god i havfe ea play to try and already uninstalled, terrible game that hasnt changed a bit since 15.


My guess is that EA did this to help condition people to the new name. Would make total sense to me and I really doubt many people were planning to buy the older versions still.


ah, snap, just when I wanted the last PS Vita legacy edition.

(disclaimer: I have one Fifa for Vita and it´s great!)

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I read it was due to FIFA demanding way more money, when the only thing they give in return is the FIFA name and the FIFA world cup.
All the teams and players are under completely separate agreements so this game is just a rebranding.

FIFA were getting up to $150mil per year for diddley squat and then demanded $1 billion over 4 years to renew the licence.
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